Store of the Week- The Joggling Board

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Happy Monday, Lilly Lovers! We are very excited to kick off  our “Store of the Week” (SOTW) series that we’ll be running here on the blog and on Facebook to highlight Lilly Pulitzer Signature Stores around the country. As you can imagine, all of the store owners have a special Love for Lilly and love to show it off in their colorful and fabulous stores. We wanted to celebrate each store’s uniqueness and bring you their personal Lilly story.  This week, we’re featuring Amy and her store, The Joggling Board

Store owner: Amy Bunn

Location: 11096 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-5:30

Find them online: Website :: Facebook

A Little About Joggling Board: Embodying the “Arrogantly Shabby” lifestyle of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, The Joggling board has become a staple to this Southern community. Established in 1977, The Joggling Board carries a wide variety of clothing, shoes and accessories for both women and children. Children’s sizes are available in girls from infant to size 16 and in boys from infant to size 12. The Joggling Board has also been a full Lilly Pulitzer Signature Shop since 1995. For almost 16 years The Joggling Board has sold Lilly Pulitzer’s beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. We are here to help you with all your shopping needs. From family beach pictures to the Carolina Cup, the Joggling Board undoubtedly has the perfect outfit for you! “We believe elegance can be casual. We believe gracefulness is compatible with fits of laughter. We believe it’s completely acceptable to be sexy. We believe in dinner parties, charity Parties, beach parties, and parties in general… We believe in living a colorful life.” Lilly Pulitzer.

Our Store is unique because: We started as a children’s store in 1977 and evolved into a lifestyle store, clothing your babies, children, grandchildren, teenagers, mothers and grandmothers. We have something for everyone! Life, Lilly and the pursuit of happiness & Peace on Earth!

South Carolina Islanders, be sure to visit Amy and tell her you saw this post. Tune in next Monday for another Store of the Week and let us know how many of you have shopped our featured stores!

Warm up with Spring!

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This week’s weather was record-making. And while being able to say “remember the snowacane and thundersnow of 2011?” might be fun in 10 years or so, right now, not so much. We want WARMTH – We want SUN – We NEED SPRING! OK- so there’s not a lot we can do about Mother Nature but we can do our part.  Today,  the Spring ’11 line arrived and we think these spring goodies might just warm you up…
1. Payley Cardigan 2. Murfee Scarf Dip-Dye 3. Paige Ruffle Sandal 4. Don’t Be Koi Necklace 5. Sea & Be Seen Tote 6. Pencil Me In-Case 7. Ric Rac Bangles

And if those colorful delights don’t warm you right up, well the lovely ladies of Lillyland (you know, our Facebook fans) had some great ideas to THINK SPRING when the weather just won’t cooperate. (funny enough- these ladies seem to enjoy cocktail hour as much as Lilly herself!)

Some of our favs…

Amanda C: “Turn on the JB tunes and start up the blender … even virgin ‘ritas will put you in the mood!”
Andrea M: “Crank up the heat in your house and try on your Lilly dress with sandals. A little summer music works well with this (so you can watch your new dress flare out as you spin!)”
Donna C: “Retail Therapy at my Lilly store makes me feel warm and cozy!”
Patty V: “Oh I just grab my pink Murfee scarf and wrap up tight..Ah such a springy feel with my down vest!”
Elizabeth L: “I turn on my heated seats in my beetle, blast the heat, open the sunroof and go get an icecream cone with rainbow sprinkles. If it snows in the car I look like a snow globe.
Danielle D: “I’m having a “summer party” this weekend! Lilly dresses, bathing suits, beach boys and buffett music, island drinks with umbrellas in them, and crankin’ the heat : )”

Matchbook Strikes Our Fancy

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Inclement weather strikes the Pink Palace again! The morning arrived with a hefty dose of snow and for tonight? A “snow-a-cane”. Clearly the local news has run out of nicknames for snowstorms. Perhaps it is due to the multiple reports they have had to cover. Global warming? What’s that? Although we live amongst palm trees and  coveted mood enhancing prints, we too must pull on our Wellies and brave the storm.

If you are lucky enough to be snowed in today, curl up with a good read. May we suggest the newly launched Matchbook Magazine? The highly anticipated online publication was released late last night. Do you remember our friend Jane Lilly Warren from Lox Papers? She graciously created one of her meticulous inspiration boards for Lilly a few months back and we all fell in love with her and her designs. She and her sidekick, Katie Armour of the neo-traditionalist, have paired up to create a lifestyle digital magazine coined as a “field guide to a charmed life”

As you know, we are big fans of entrepreneurs and encourage everyone’s creative ambitions. Well done girls! We are honored to be one of your inspirations.

Spring 2011 Is Rolling Out!

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Wondering what this fantastic looking number is? It’s just the start of happiness heading your way. Yep, yesterday we packed up 26,796 items, kissed the boxes and shipped them out the door. That’s a lot of puckering- chapstick is a must in our distribution center. And that was just day 1; the packing and kissing is well underway today too. But curiosity got the best of us and we just had to peek for ourselves. So we took a quick run through to see it literally rolling out the door. Turned out not to be that quick after all the “oooh-look at this!” and “no wait, THIS will be my first purchase of the season!” stops along the way. Snuck in a quick pic in our excitement (ahem, we’re better photographers than this but the box wasn’t waiting for anyone!) and excitedly guessed what we thought was packed in there…could it be a gorgeous new Conrad Sweater, a hot to trot little turq Kiki Dress…loving that cool Optical Confusion novelty design or a sweet little Brileigh top in Daisy and Confused?!

Right or wrong, what we are sure of is that whatever was in that box, you are going to LOVE it. So we witnessed it- should be hitting a store near you soon.
HERE COMES SPRING! Thank goodness, we are ready!

Pop Art Prints for Spring!

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Tomorrow, we officially kick off spring with a delivery focused on POP ART.  How fun! Are you thinking Warhol or Lichtenstein?  Well you are right on. We love the fact that when these artists were hitting the scene, so was Lilly. The bright colors, the over-the-top florals, and the op to pop explosions are the perfect way for Lilly to express herself in the early months of Spring! Today we’re featuring 3 prints with just the right pop to transition you into the warmer months (please come, warmer months- we miss you!)

Pop Goes the Floral – At Lilly Pulitzer and nowhere else, huge floating flowers are the only way to start off Spring! Grounded in navy, this print gives you the ability to wear it right now (we have instant gratification issues and no plans to work through them) and keep wearing through ’til… September!

Optical Confusion – Are you feeling a little psychedelic? Good- that’s the point! With a pop art theme, we had to have a master print that was the ultimate paisley… bringing Lilly’s 60′s vibe into 2011!

Bright Navy Floral Frenzy – Forget the winter blues with this gorgeous Spring BLUE! Navy is the ultimate transition color taking you from bundled up to bold and bright!

Be sure to pop-in to your nearest Lilly Pulitzer retailer as Spring 2011 hits the scene this week!  (and check back Friday as Spring 2011 hits the web at

Babs This Way and That

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Looking for a season staple that is as trendy and chic as it is luxurious and comfortable? Of course you are! Enter: The Babs. Our cashmere wrap sweater is perfect for travel; easy and cozy on the plane and then polished for evening when paired with our silk Elsa blouse.

The classic cable pattern adds texture and newness to a modern silhouette that lets you look fabulous without much thought.   The only thought needed is how you’ll wear it this time! xx

Babs illustration by our own fabulous print designer, Paige!


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Lilly Pulitzer NY Showroom Welcomes The Young Women’s Leadership School

The Lilly Pulitzer showroom welcomed a fantastic group of young women to explore a “day in the life of” hands on career session. From sales, to marketing, to merchandising and even interning, the girls got an inside look on how the world of fashion functions 21 stories above the busting “Fashion Avenue” in New York City. TYWLS ( The Young Women’s Leadership School) , is a all female, grades 6-12 public school located in East Harlem, that educates women on becoming the next emerging leaders in society through dynamic and hands on learning experiences. Career and college prep is an excellent program that the school provides to equip the girls with the necessary tools to start planning for their futures at an early age.

We kicked off the morning with the Lilly Story and watched the Retrospective and Summer 2011 collection videos so the girls were able to get an idea of the Lilly lifestyle. Heather Adams, director of sales and Joanna Lee, Merchandising director, gave the girls a lesson in sales and merchandising, and Molly Scudder and Sommer Haynes led a market style appointment in which they presented the Summer 2011 line as if the girls were “buyers” from major department stores. After a little round table discussion about fashion, careers and women’s roles in the workplace, we quickly learned we had a diverse group of ladies who wanted to be designers, graphic artists, doctors and even a chemical engineer! We exchanged tips about first jobs, college choices and even a little “academic soul searching” to help share how our experiences in the field led us to where are currently are.

The girls were then put to work! Each young lady was paired up with a LP girl and they had hands on experience to design in store signage, create an event for our Madison Avenue store, calculate sales trends and even assist in choosing items to place in an order. At the end of the day, the girls were able to share with the group what they had learned in their break out session, and let’s just say we had the next VP of Marketing and Sales amongst us! It was so refreshing to be amongst a group of ambitious, driven and hopeful young women who believe there is nothing they cannot do. It put warmth in our hearts on such a cold day, and we all embraced in the inner 15 year old girl that still is inside of us. We LOVED having the inspiring women of the TWYLS visit us, and we hope we have encouraged the girls to think the unimaginable, set goals and to paint the town pink and green!

Living With Lilly

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Martha Stewart loves to talk about collecting. Well this weekend, we were delighted to crack open the February issue of Martha Stewart Living and find Keni Valenti, vintage clothing dealer and Lilly collector, surrounded by some of Lilly’s finest vintage prints. Besides the fabulous blazers pictured, our favorite part of this feature was the fact that Valenti said he loves to wear his Lilly clothes because they make him smile.  Now that’s living a colorful life!  xx

Tell Us What You Think & Win!

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Calling all Lilly Lovers!! We’ve got spring fever in Lilly Land as we gear up to launch our most colorful collection yet: Spring 2011! You’ve likely seen our sneak peek on the Lilly Blog, talking about the arts as our big inspiration for the year ahead. Believe it or not, at the pink palace, we are already underway with designing our SPRING 2012 line! In true Lilly fashion, we’d love to kick off the design process by consulting our dear customers, who we always trust with having the best taste.

Let us help you procrastinate AND build your Spring wardrobe…. please take a few minutes to complete our survey.  In return, three lucky winners (selected at random) will receive one of three fabulous prizes (1) a Lilly dress of your choosing from the Spring ’11 collection, launching Jan 30th; (2) a Murfee Scarf in the print of your choice; and (3) a fabulous, printed Lilly Agenda to keep you stylish and organized for the year ahead! Surveys must be completed by Tuesday, January 25th 12:00 PM EST.  Winners will be randomly selected and notified via e-mail shortly after selection.

As always, we thank you for your fabulous opinions!!

Please review our sweepstakes rules here.

Painter’s Palette

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Today we are loving the delicate freshly picked flowers hidden inside today’s feature. Smaller in scale than most of prints, this one is especially easy to wear and was designed using every color from our “Painter’s Palette”. Cover yourself in flowers and think spring!

Shop painter’s palette here.