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We discovered Kelley Lilien after her blog was named one of Jonathan Adler’s favorites in last months INSTYLE magazine. We have been obsessed ever since. She is a graphic artist and amazing prop stylist who loves a good cocktail and spending entire days by a pool. She is best defined as bold, ferocious and pretty tongue-and-cheek and constantly on pursuit of extravagant indulgences and all things chic! Did we mention she is just as kind as she is fabulous? Read her Q&A below to find out more.

Describe your personal style: Glamorous and ladylike with a modern kick – I believe in painted nails and a matching saturated lip. Bright and boastful color every day of the week regardless the season – usually slightly overdressed for the occasion and without any good reason.

Why do you love Lilly: What’s not to love about a brand based on the resort lifestyle – especially one teeming with palm beach pink and greeny crocodile! It’s poolside pomp meets punchy perfection – it’s ladylike playfulness by way of sugary sweet fashion confection.

Colorful Entertaining for the holidays?
1. Always have an array of fancy food picks on hand – everything tastes better when it’s speared with something fabulously grand!
2. monogrammed cocktail napkins, are a showy yet necessary extravagance – and a classy way to clean up oopsy-daisy cocktailing accidents!
3. sparkling aluminum trees of the rotating variety – the only kind of tree for the swinging holiday society!
4. Mambo Santa Mambo – [on repeat!]
5. bottomless batches of spiked eggnog – the ultimate holiday crowd pleaser, and perhaps the hair of the dog!

Guilty Pleasure? Spending wildly and recklessly on copious amounts of vintage costume jewelry!! However managing the justification as requisite additions to [what will one day be] an heirloom collection.

5 accessories you can’t live without?
1. vintage clip-ons
2. a vibrant shade of saturated lipstick
3. painted nails to match
4. big sunglasses
5. shoe clips

Breakfast? Today my breakfast was: a soft boiled egg in a fancy egg cup and buttered toast points – accompanied by a knock your socks of cup of coffee!

What are you reading? The encyclopedia of the exquisite.

What’s on you listening to? Rafael Saadiq – The Way I see It and Mayer Hawthorne – A Strange Arrangement.

Smitten? Learn more about The Mrs. by visiting her blog.

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