How We Wear It!

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Meet Victoria Davis- associate designers of print, pattern and color. Torie wore the Kiki Dress so well today we felt she was blog worthy. Read further to find out why she loves the dress so much and how she found the perfect lipstick.

This dress is effortless…it fits like a glove and makes me feel great. The jacquard pattern is chic and it goes great with bare legs and nude shoes (which I recommend every lady owning as a staple!), or on colder days, with neutral or colored tights and brown boots. Throw on a blazer, multiple bangles, fun earrings and you can easily go from day to night! Also, this simple pattern is great to layer another print with one of our Murphee scarves. I feel like a million bucks in this dress and received endless compliments.

My most favorite purchase of 2009 comes from a consignment shop in South Hampton. It was new when I bought it and I have worn it in well. Every inch bears a story or a memory. The bag keeps getting better and better.

Outrageous, I KNOW! …and I love them. I have searched for three years for earrings bearing my name and finally found them in Florida. Now, I want more in different sizes and fonts.

I was born and raised in Central Florida and would have it no other way…love old school Florida, the feel of the sun kissed skin, the smell of coconut and sunscreen and riding around on my good old beach cruiser. My mother shopped at the original Lilly store. She would order her fruit to be shipped to friends and family and buy her shifts, all at the same time.

I am either in heels or barefoot.
Zodiac sign: Leo
Favorite color: Yellow (at the moment!)
Sentimental pack rat and collector of curiosities. ( I collect old Florida memorabilia, too, surprise, surprise)
Love vintage anything: clothes, cars, books, jewelry, wallpaper, homes, did I mention jewelry!?!
Though I am a Floridian, I have an obsession with coats and don’t think that one can have too many.
Inspired by everything. I often think of prints in my dreams or as I am lying in bed. The list of what inspires me and where my designs are derived could go on forever and ever and ever. I look at everything as a creative opportunity.
Love working for a brand that is happy, colorful, energetic, historical, fearless and obviously…love that it was started in Florida by an amazing woman!
Serendipitously spontaneous. I will go anywhere, anytime. I seize opportunity. Go to the beat of my own drum
If I could have dinner with three people, past or present, it would be with Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa, and the Dali Lama
I admire Martha Stewart and Oprah.
My favorite person in the whole entire wide world is my Sister, Brooke.
I love blue eye shadow.
I LOVE mascara more…old faithful: Lancome Definicil, for dramatic layers: Dior Show- I have one tube in black and one in bright blue- and the best part is that is smells like roses, long lasting: Chanel’s 24 Hour Mascara (great for trips to the city!)
Favorite scent: anything rose
Favorite Lipstick: Limited Edition Genial by Chanel. I found it in Hong Kong and found out that it was selling out, so bought three.
Must have Velcro and hot rollers. They are retro, but Ladies, they work!
Lip Balm: The BEST is Molton Brown Vitamin Lipsaver…I SWEAR by this. Stock up for cold weather.
My first car was a 1972 Baby Blue Mercedes with white interior. I was in love. Adore European classic cars and dream of owning a vintage porshe.


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Torrie, I really enjoyed reading your blog. You are a very beautiful and talented young lady – from Dewey’s mom.



Posted on December 1st, 2010 at 10:53am

who makes your shoes? they look wonderful with the dress (of course!) but would love to know what shoes you are wearing. thank you!