Escape Artist

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Our New Year is off to a fantastic start and we plan on showering you with all things Lilly Loves for the next 12 months-Literature, Fine Art, Music and Drama. Starting with Resort, our designers were inspired by Lilly’s love of literature. The team created fabulous prints based on the fact that we all use books to plan trips, to escape, and to document our day to day journeys. Just as books allow us to be transported, so do our prints. Here is a look into some of our favorites…

X Marks the Spot! Let the treasure hunt begin. This print has both the MAP to get you there, plus the mystery of the buried treasure. The holidays are an INSANE time for Lilly girls and the gift giving turns into a giant trasure chest of goodies.

Booty Caw! Hidden deep with in this print is a …yep, you guessed it-parrot. In fact, the color story for this group came from all of the fabulous colors in a parrots wing. Shots of green, pink and orange are all grounded with a touch of navy. When Lilly saw this print she said it was her favorite.

Shell We Dance? What could be better than swirly shells soaked in pink? ADORE! The perfect print for day as well as our active line. Oh, right, post holiday you have to work out. BUMMER. Well, at least you get to do it in this fun print.

So there you have it. Our designers inspirations, hidden trasure prints and a nod to literature. If you are lucky enough to board a plane this season we wish you safe travels and if you are staying put we hope you get transported in your own way. The best part about this collection is that you can buy it NOW and where it ANYWHERE. Layer it up or strip it down. Lilly is comfortable in all climates.


Beth Dunn

Posted on November 22nd, 2010 at 4:45pm

Love all those patterns!