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Have you snapped your little ones in Lilly yet for your Holiday card? It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again but starting December 1st we will be accepting all of your fabulous photo submissions. Each year we anxiously await your participation and now we offer paper and digital options to compliment your Lilly clad clan! Check out our favorite “green” options from our friends at We Lilly girls love fine stationery and now we can send greetings to all of our friends with etiquette and the environment in mind. Our line at allows you to create beautiful online cards and invites using our original selection of fresh prints. Upload your favorite family pic, personalize and send. How easy is that?

If you choose to go the traditional route of stamping and mailing, Lifeguard Press also hosts a line of our favorite imprintable holiday cards as well as gift wrap and décor! Such fun!  Now you can throw a party to celebrate having completed your holiday card!

We can’t wait for your submissions…get going shutter bugs! And of course shop online to get the perfect holiday photo wardrobe for you and your minnies.


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Sophie Pyle

Posted on October 18th, 2010 at 1:15pm

You have facebook, twitter, and a blog–and NOTHING about your beautiful new Home Collection that launched at High Point Furniture Market??

Your fans want to see this! Loved all of the pieces.