Under the Umbrella; a quick guide to staying chic in any shower.

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Today’s forecast? Cloudy with a chance of fabulous!

Some of fashions most unique accessories coordinate best with a few dark clouds and a chance for precipitation. Today we explore the top 5 things to keep you styling in a storm all day….

       1. The Lilly Umbrella. Wake up for work and say goodbye to boring black umbrellas! You’ll brighten up everyone’s day just by taking a stroll in the city with this one.   2.  Hunter boots. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE was wearing these at the office today. The perfect combo of color and comfort. We recommend you wear them over skinny denim with the Sabeline Coat.  3.  The Burberry Coat. A classic trench will last you years and keep you dry on rainy days. Yes, we know, it’s not bright pink.. But it’s okay to be khaki on the outside…if you promise to wear a colorful dress underneath! Try the Apple Dress!  4.  Doggy Rain Gear. You just got home from the office and your King Charles is dying for a walk.. it’s still raining so dress her up in this cutie. It will keep her warm, dry, and fabulous! Are you going to wear our yoga gear on that walk? You better!  5.  The Lilly Mug & Tea. Ahh.. you’re finally home, having survived the wet weather. You deserve a cup of tea, try Tazo tea from Starbucks! And now there’s even a way to take your tea in a Lilly Mug! Love it!

 Remember Lilly land… If you want to see a rainbow, you’re gonna have to deal with some rain, but that’s no excuse to let your style suffer!

Stay dry out there!

xx Steph from marketing 

Adwoa Adasi

Posted on October 6th, 2010 at 4:34pm

These fashion choices will sure make a rainy cloudy day much much better:)