True Prep Takeover!

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What did I do over the holiday weekend? A million cocktail parties for one! Oh wait, I know I did more this weekend just don’t remember… WAIT! I, along with most of the pink palace, have been nose deep in True Prep OF COURSE, it launched over Labor Day weekend. Seriously, the preppy handbook has always been on our shelves, my copy is so old and tattered all of the pages are coming out.

Seriously, the author that coined the phrase St. Grottlesex must be TOASTED. It’s pure genius.
So honestly I’m thinking…why rewrite? It is so chic ESPECIALLY now that it is a bit dated. Preps know…older is usually better, or at least more acceptable. This is a rare case when we want to show-off something shiny and new! True Prep by Lisa Birnbach & Chip Kidd is iiiiiincredible. One of my favorite bits is when she talks about Casual Friday…and I quote! ”It just seems wrong to go to work on Friday.”Is she in my brain?!??!
Every sentence is hysterical. Cheeky. Self aware. EMBRACE IT!

Our favorite part….prep is no longer an exclusive word. Everyone is getting in on the mix including one of our all time style icons Kanye West. No matter where you live, where you go to school, what car you drive, what color your hair is…you are invited into the preppy world.

Let’s all promise eachother one thing…keep it light! Have fun with it. STAY CHIC! Lilly Pulitzer is the original rule breaker and we expect you to break every single one (just not at the same time)!

I am dying to chat with Lisa and lucky me I will get the chance! We’ve got a slew of in-store events and in-store book signings lined up over the next few months, starting with Bloomingdale’s 59th street! As if True Prep wasn’t big enough, Bloomingdale’s will be hosting a dedicated in-store event to launch the book in tandem with Fashion’s Night Out on September 10th. Bloomingdale’s and Lilly Pulitzer have created a dedicated “True Prep” t-shirt, visible when you pop your collar. Customers will receive free monogramming with their purchase of 3 or more Lilly polos and a printed Yoga mat with any purchase of $350 or more in Lilly active.

Lisa in our Madison Avenue store

Lisa Birnbach will also be in-store at our King of Prussia store on Thursday, October 14th and Boca Raton location Saturday, December 12th signing copies of her book as a GWP with a purchase of $250 or more!

To top it all off Lisa was on The Today Show yesterday morning chatting with Meredith about her fabulous new book and showing off the latest in prep fashion.  30 years may have passed between her fun reads but one thing remains the same…Lilly will always be a staple. Follow the link below to see the Colby dress and the Little Lilly Originals Shift.
Click link to watch Today Show

Happy reading! xx Janie

Amy McGrew

Posted on September 12th, 2010 at 1:34pm

Are there any left over t-shrts from the New York book signing event that individuals can purchase? I’d love to have one!