Good Bye Summer, Love Janie

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LABOR DAY!!!!! While I am a bit sad because Labor Day can mean the last days of summer…I am also LEVITATING from my pink desk chair because I am so excited for a long weekend. It’s amazing how a short term thrill can overshadow the bigger issue of…summer…being…over. UGH. Well, let’s just focus on the positive and happily dwell on the impending 3 day weekend!


Believe it or not, while the pink palace is the most fun place to work on the entire planet…we work really really hard. We have been in meetings all week from 8:30am to 8pm perfecting the summer 2011 line. Making sure that every print, every fabric, every ruffle, every price is perfect. It is heaven…and sometimes a bit of the other. Bottom line – we need a break! A chance to put on all of our Lilly’s and play for a few days.


With this crazy weather the girls and I are staying home. We will enjoy our pool and hopefully some sun before they head back to school on the 9th. On the weather…everyone please be careful! I am not up to date on exactly what is happening because I have been locked in a pink meeting room but I know there is a storm brewing! Safety first!


We have tons of activities planned and I have tons of outfits in mind. Want to hear all about it!!! SAY YES.


Tonight is family night at your club and we are going with some of our favorite friends. It is super casual…but you know I never go toooo casual so the plan is a SKIRT. I know, this is coming from Miss DRESS…but I think skirts are trending. Time to get one on with a cute knit top. The girls and I may match tonight…could be so cute:,4,shop,womens,womensskirtsandshorts,4,shop,kids,girlsdresses


Without fail I will wear wedges (will be in the grass for cocktails) and wear enormous earrings and probably some big gold bracelets too. I have a jewelry issue.



Saturday sleeping late is IMPERATIVE. I have trained my little girls to make me breakfast in bed. I know, I am a genius. A little strawberry jelly on the sheets it 1-billion times worth being able to stay in my nightie a bit longer and read the paper.


I have also trained the girls to…be my trainer! We go to a local trail, they ride their bikes and I run. They shout at me ‘go mommy’ and ‘faster mom’ and make me race the entire 4 miles. Never before have I been able to wear LILLY for this do-it-yourself- training session but now…we have ACTIVE! I have fallen for the half moon crop pant. Especially in PINK!,4,shop,womens,active


Sunday night I have a FUN cocktail party for an old friend that just moved to the area. We went to college together and were in the same sorority (kappa kappa gamma…Have you seen our new sorority prints?!?!?!,4,shop,accessoriesandgift,sorority).


I have been obsessed with the one shoulder look and need one more chance to wear my Kendal dress before I have to break out the cashmere.


And Monday…looking forward to fall. I think I will visit the Ardmore, PA store for a shopping spree. I am – obviously – obsessed with our fall collection. I am watching the selling and it is leaving the store the second it comes in…I have to get there before it’s gone!!!! My MUST HAVE? The Ava dress. It is so chic…but notice how we hid some turtles in that glamorous print. ALWAYS LILLY!


SOOOOOOO, have fun everyone! Thank you for reading the blog, sending me so many fun messages on facebook and post PICTURES. I love to see everyone having the time of their lives in their Lilly’s…make us proud this weekend! Sending tons of love from the print studio. xx,  Janie


This little lilly is my favorite with that coral trim…I know the girls will come home with sand from the bunker in that pocket!


Posted on September 3rd, 2010 at 1:34pm

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Be safe with that wild weather!!!


Julie Naughton

Posted on September 3rd, 2010 at 2:18pm

Hmmm….right before last Labor Day, I was down at the Pink Palace! I think it’s time for a return trip!

Hope you have a wonderful long holiday weekend!



Lauren Howle

Posted on September 3rd, 2010 at 2:29pm

I would love to see a sorority line for Alpha Gamma Delta. I love the sorority prints just wish you had them for my sorority!!



Posted on September 3rd, 2010 at 6:06pm

Hello: Oh how I wish I was closer, I live in N.J. not too far, but too far to commute every day, anyway, I would apply for a job at the Pink Palace, or KOP store so I could work with Meghan and her staff, Margie, Courtney, Shannon, etc. It would be a blast!!!!!!! Have a great weekend, Jeanne Sailor-Ewe


alanna strei

Posted on October 13th, 2010 at 1:39pm

hello janie!
just discovered this adorable lilly blog, and between yourself and the other authors, i’ve been staying entertained all morning. had to say hello to a fellow kkg – LOVE our print and have been waiting for the fash valls store to have a trunk show!
xx / l&l