Get Wrapped Up In A Good Cause!

Posted on July 26, 2010 in More Fun by | 2 comments

Our dear friends at In the Pink have a very special murfee scarf you won’t hesitate to add to your collection…

“Beautiful on the inside” means using your energy in ways that bring meaning to your life – something that us Lilly Lovers know all about as our colorful clothing creates beauty & meaning  both on the outside AND the inside! This is exactly why the Lilly Pulitzer Print Designers collaborated with In the Pink owner, Gordon Russell, to create a FABULOUS print to benefit New England-based nonprofit MitoAction. MitoAction works to improve the quality of life for patients and families living with “Mito.”

In 2008, Gordon’s late wife, Sandra K. Russell, lost her battle to Mitochondrial disease – a life-threatening condition in which a patient’s energy is depleted due to dysfunctional cells. Honoring Sandra’s memory and all the patients living with Mito, the Lilly Print Designers created a print inspired by the image of a human genome, special in design and personal meaning…  AND they put this print on a MURFEE SCARF! With the purchase of a Mito Murfee you will also receive a MitoAction pin, info, and bag– in addition to supporting a wonderful cause.  100% of proceeds from this limited edition scarf will benefit MitoAction!

In even further exciting news, In the Pink’s Nantucket store will be hosting an in-store celebration to launch this very special Murfee on Thursday, July 29th from 3-7 PM. MitoAction’s Executive Director, Cristy Balcells, will be on site to celebrate the launch of the MitoAction Murfee and provide information about Mitochondrial disease to all event attendees!

Head to any In the Pink location or visit to shop for your Mito Murfee today!

Elizabeth Lauten

Posted on July 28th, 2010 at 7:26pm

What a gorgeous scarf and such a great cause behind it. Definitely adding it to my Lilly-wishlist.


You Frivolous Mommy!

Posted on August 20th, 2010 at 4:36am

I read the story behinf the scarf. Lilly always amazes me and you did it again. Such a worthy cause, and a lovely versatile print, too. I treasure my Susan Komen silk scarf, so this will be a fabulous Fall/winter addition.