Happy Fourth of July!

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Hello Friends!

Sooo, here I am on the train again. It seems like just yesterday that I was on the train blogging about how COMPLETELY EXCITED I was for Memorial Day weekend. And now? It’s the 4th already. This is a perfect example of time flies when you are having fun. I DO NOT want the summer to go too fast. I just…am having the best time :)

You know when you have moments where you feel great, you are HAPPY and excited about everything the future will bring…I am in that moment. There is so much to look forward to!!!! I have been doing a lot of day dreaming while lying in the sun getting naughty sunburns (please don’t tell my dermatologist and if you have time SEND ME SUNSCREEN! I just can’t resist a little tan. SO BAD). Anyway, when you have the warmth of the sun, a little bikini, straw hat and the latest issue of US WEEKLY…you kind of zone in and out. HEAVEN. Honestly, it is when my best ideas come to me…are you reading Brad and Scott (Lilly owners) I need much, much, much, more time spacing out to US Weekly, promise it does wonders for the prints J hee hee.

I don’t know about you but this 4th is ALLLL about friends and family. Usually is right? My girls and I are headed to my Mom’s house on the Connecticut shore. All of my cousins have houses together – 22 houses of relatives right on the water…can you believe?!?

The house where I spent summers as a kid…I spent EVERY waking moment on those rocks finding crabs and catching minnows!

I remember my Mom circa 1978 is so TDF -her blonde hair, of course barefoot! A sign of summer. She was and is so gorgeous…

And then there was ME in my fav tiered summer dress. I WISH I had a picture of me in my Lilly jelly bean print bathing suit. And of course our family bff, I mean seriously - his outfit could be worn TODAY nothing beats Nantucket reds. Shows how good style is always…in style!

It is incredible to me that those pictures are 30 years old…we will be completely recreating THAT this weekend, in the exact same place. But Sabrina will be the one running around in a little tiered sundress and hopefully SHE will think I am as gorgeous as I thought my mom was. I am going to wear this…barefoot!

 Carrie Dress Dip Dye

This weekend starts with a family cookout Saturday, so many cousins running around you won’t be able to count. All the kids in and out of the salty water all day, completely sandy. My cousin Teddy will take everyone out in the Boston Whaler. We are planning to teach my oldest Sabrina how to water-ski (she’s 8 now! Makes me want to cry that she is so big). My best friend Wendy is coming with her 2 toe-headed boys and we will all just play, play, play.

 I know there is always so much to do…life gets busy doesn’t it. The 4th of July symbolizes so much to me. A time for everyone to gather and smile, see people that you haven’t seen in ages, and most importantly wave the red, white and blue flag. A time to remember how lucky we are.

 Sending you tons and tons of love from the train. Can’t wait for the festivities to start! Please light a sparkler for me.



Lilly Ambassador

Posted on July 2nd, 2010 at 9:44pm

Janie, hope you got the sunscreen that I sent you. I know that you and your little “minnies” will be in the water and sun all summer. Have a great time!



Posted on July 12th, 2010 at 9:58pm

Happy Fourth of JuLILLY to you and yours! I hope the CT shore was FUNNNN!!! Xoxo-BLC



Posted on July 18th, 2010 at 11:08am


This isn’t a comment about this post but a question and didn’t know where else to ask it—oh geez….I guess I can email directly to Lilly Pulizter corporate from the web site.

Well, I’ll ask the question here anyway!!!

Are any of the clothes that John Daly is wearing in the golf tournament this weekend (July 17/18) from the Lilly men’s collection.
I think he is in this tournnament anyway.
I know I am seeing him somewhere playing golf with some colorful outfits.

I “googled” that and some sites came up about John Daly and the clothes he’s been wearing with some reference to Lilly Pulizer. But from reading them I still can’t understand if any of the clothes he is wearing are from the men’s collection.

Okay, Just curious!!!!