Intern Update!

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Hey!!  It’s Taylor Angino again here to give you a little behind the scenes insight of a typical week interning here at the Pink Palace!!

BUT First, I must share some exciting personal news with you all that this afternoon- before I left for work, I received my very own Pandamonium Blazer!!!  I’m obsessed with this print and I encourage everyone if you haven’t done so already to get a hold of this limited edition print because it’s simply – amazing!


Okay, now that I’ve shared that with everyone (haha) back to my report!

The past week at the Pink Palace has been nonstop-every-minute because we had our Final Summer 2011 Design Meeting. That means all the department heads present everything for Summer 2011 to the  President and CEO of Lilly Pulitzer!  (In the fashion world you are always a year ahead –  trust me it still takes me awhile!) The beginning of the week I helped make the final tweaks for Accessories and Footwear – changing the color of the footbeds of our new embellished sandals from pink to gold. Then I worked with merchandising to get the final prices set for all the new merchandise and decided on the final color-ways for new Murfees (which are AMAZING!).

For the Final Design Meeting it’s important to make sure that the all the presentation boards from each department (Design, Accessories and Footwear, Merchandising, Print Studio) are perfect and updated with any new alterations. Additionally, we have the boards from the previous season cleaned-up so you can see the progression and development of the styles and silhouettes. Every day was so busy, but then came Wednesday the day before the final meeting! You could hear the constant humming of the printer and bustling of scissors and computers. There was also a very distinct smell throughout the office of crisp, warm paper and freshly brewed coffee! I have never seen so many presentation boards in my life! All day we were busy cutting out new silhouettes and labels for each of the boards, calculating lots of statistics and organizing the seemingly hundreds of boards. Before we knew it was pretty late in the evening… it’s safe to say that it was well past dinner time – haha!

While it was getting even later in the evening and we all could barely speak complete sentences, we sat down among the scattered piles of paper-cut-outs and stuffed our face with food, but before we could swallow our first bite we all – interns and department heads – broke out in laughter.  Despite all the hard-work and the late night it was A GREAT TIME and I would have not changed a thing!! Needless to say the meeting went smoothly and everyone is excited for Lilly’s upcoming seasons!! : ) Can’t wait for you all to see!!!

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Posted on July 1st, 2010 at 3:12pm

How fun! I would SO love to work in Lillyland! Of course, I don’t have a creative bone in my body, so we’ll leave that up to you! xoxo



Posted on July 12th, 2010 at 2:11pm

Hey to everyone inside the pink palace. I am super jealous, pink palace seems like just the place I would want to be.

First off, can I just say that that panda jacket is AMAZING. I want one so much, but fear I would just never take it off, haha!

Second, I was wondering if there’s any way to apply for your blog to be listed on the Lilly blogroll. I’ve been a longtime reader of the lilly blog, and just started my own blog last week ( and would love to be listed.