Janie Hits Up The Hub!

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Janie re-caps a fun-filled event in Boston at In the Pink!!


I am on the train headed to NYC…on a very secret fashion mission that I will reveal to you…soon? Tbd.

Anyway, I had the best week last week, then the best weekend ever. Wanted to tell you all about it. I am typing on my blackberry and am going to ruin my manicure…but for you it’s worth it!
Soooo, did you know my fam is from Boston? I know, it’s confusing. Born in New Hampshire, lived in Augusta GA 2-12, shipped off to boarding school (yes I was a devil, am to this day and proud of it). Went to Groton outside Boston. Then to Rollins College in lovely Winter Park, FL. Then moved to NYC. Somewhere in there I had my Cotillion in Boston. Lived there and the Cape and New Hampshire most summers. Married in Boston. It is a part of me!!! PS: I completely recognize I was born under extremely lucky and fabulous stars and appreciate it!!!
Ok, enough of my histoire! I went to Boston last week for an event Thursday night. Walking down Newbury St I was overwhelmed with so many emotions:
A: this is the cutest city ever

B: everyone looks so chic

C: I need to go shopping immediately because Newbury St has it all!
My event was at In The Pink on Newbury St and it was really, really, really great. Jess, who has some fancy title I can’t remember, has this incredible knack to get aaaanyone who walks through that door into the most absolutely perfect outfit. I walked in wearing the new Bidi dress and she begged me to try on the Raquel Dress. I did, felt like a million dollars and switched outfits for the night!

Raquel Dress Printed

Visit her if you are ever in question as to what to wear! Molly and Alyssa were also there greeting every single customer like family. That is so Lilly. Love In the Pink so much!!
I met so many wonderful lilly lovers and chatted, painted, ate cupcakes and drank champagne. Hello! And you are surprised I had a good time?!? This is my JOB. Here are some snaps:
I just can’t thank everyone there enough for being so…Lilly. Kind, open, chic and fun!!!!
I have more, more, more I want to type but my thumbs are about to fall off. Will blog later about my weekend on cape cod. Tdf!!!

xx, Janie

Donna Lawson

Posted on June 25th, 2010 at 11:19am

If you have not been to this store and are in Boston, you must go!!!!

I found Lilly items in there that I hadn’t seen in some of the corporate stores.
Not that the corporate stores don’t have the best things—-but they just had some other itmes that I had never seen.

And you are so right about the sales satff in this store.
They are amazing!!!!
I went in with my mother-in-law, my sisters-in-law, daughter and nieces.
We all felt the same way as far as feeling very welcomed.
They pointed out so many different itmes to us and told us about the fit, the look, etc.