The Ultimate Summer Faux Pas!

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Poor Janie, she learned the hard way… but she’s here to share and tell you what NOT to do this summer…

All right people. I have committed the most obvious summer faux pas…already. I am an idiot. I am acting like a teenager. Ready?


I mean…I got a really really really bad sunburn. I can’t walk, sit, sleep…wear clothes. It’s a problem J

This is how it went down. I became a spinning fanatic (that bike class at the gym). I am so healthy! It relieves the stress (yes, even happy-go-lucky me gets a bit stressed over her pink and green sometimes). Anyway, spinning. My savior. SO WHAT DO I DO? Buy a bikini…duh! A lilly print bikini of course.

I do not look QUITE like her in my bikini, but in my mind I do J

Boardwalk Bikini Ties

It was the Sunday of Labor Day and my bff Rachael comes over to the pool with her family. The kids are running around and we get in hysterics over how badly we want to roast in the sun. Just to feel the wonderful SUNSHINE. The warmth. It was a full-on-summer-moment and we lost our heads.

Just to be clear, there was NO sunscreen involved. Of course we slathered up the kids. Any child that walked within a 3 inch radius of my lawn chair I spritzed with spf 800. But me? No no no..I wanted to ‘roast’ with Rachel.


Well, needless to say, I am glowing. That night Rachel and I plus all our FUN friends went to a lobster night party together. It was SO amazing except that I looked like the main course. Not so much my face as my chest, arms and ooooooh my gooooodness… new spinning tummy. My tummy that I have been working so hard on and was so excited to SHOW in my lilly bikini, is SCARLET. I did not wear the bikini to the party but you know what I mean. I am afraid I have 3rd degree burns. Of course I have showed everyone in the office (we are very close here, no secrets) and they cringe. Poor me.

OK, so here’s the deal. Please wear sunscreen. Please learn your lesson from me. Please use two coats on your nose. Please remember to do your HANDS (they show aging first!). Just slather your entire lovely lilly body in SPF. For me.

Besides my red skin clashing with my lilly pink, life is very very good. SO happy summer is here. Feeling extra content and happy. Hope you are all loving the summer season.

Sending tons of love.

xx, Janie

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