Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

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Janie is back to share her plans for Memorial Day Weekend….busy, busy- we’ll be sure to ask her for pics to share next week!


I am on the train. Right now. Blogging to you. I aaaadore my job but the thought of a long weekend has me c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y giddy right now.

I have the events, the outfits, the cookouts, the gardening…the make-the-most-of-every-second weekend planned.

Tonight? Lobster night at our golf club. So excited. Going with my very good friend Wendy who makes me laugh until I can’t breathe – love her! The problem with lobster…stinky. Clothes need to be wash and wear! I am planning on the long petula with a wedge. Having cocktails on the grass requires a wedge, I love our new Lilly wedge because it is…you guessed it…the highest one we make :)

Lilly Wedge

Tomorrow? Tennis clinic at 7:30am. Will I make it? Not promising anything BUT it is a new cardio clinic where they blast Beyonce as the girls and I run around in our whites. Sounds pretty fun right!?!

Tomorrow night – cookout. Bathing suit and cover-up. New skinny mckims. I am brining this new delish orzo salad I learned how to make at a cooking class called ‘cooking with herbs’. Lots of basil and parsley – v v v good for you. No mayo. Semi-healthy I promise. won’t believe it. Another lobster night (different place) followed by some crazy band! Yay! Kick the shoes off!!! I am thinking the Blossom dress?

Blossom Dress Printed

Monday…the Devon Horse Show. What a treat! My girleees love the spinning strawberry carni ride and I like the cute horse show shopping. Oh – there are horses too. I know, v important to watch :) promise I will pause from the shopping, pink lemonade and yummy naughty food to watch the horses :) I think I’ll wear my carson patch shift. Kinda have to right? When in Rome!

Worth Shift Grandstand Patch

Isn’t it just HEAVEN that Tuesday seems so delightffully far away! Hurry train. I need to get home and get this weekend started!!! Have fun everyone – summer is Lilly time and summer starts NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!! xx, Janie

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