Travelling With In The Pink Continued…

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Hi everyone it’s Jen back again to share more on my amazing trip in In the Pink Lilly Land! …

Bright and early the morning after we toured the Newbury Street store, we were off to Nantucket, which of course necessitated a ferry ride! (How fun!!) Now, I did make us work a bit on the ferry (groan!), but the good news is that we were planning some really fun events for this coming summer (so you will be glad that we worked, even when the view from the ferry was so spectacular)!  Discovering Nantucket and the in the pink store there has been one of the best parts of my job – I think every Lilly store should be so bright & sunny (and of course just steps away from a beautiful harbor!).  Alicia, the Store Manager is a year-round Nantucket Islander & has really showed me the ropes!  The best part is that she makes me think of what Lilly herself must have been like when she was Alicia’s age – need I say more to make you want to meet her?!


The next morning we were on one of those super tiny Cape Airflights – and I’ve learned that you have to pray for NO FOG, or you’re stuck (but at least your “stuck” somewhere so beautiful)!  But thankfully we had a glorious day for weather, and we were the only 4 people on the plane – so we kind of convinced ourselves that it was a private arrangement LOL!  Rebecca from in the pink is a bit of dare devil so she sat by the pilot (wow!), while Jose, Jess & I held hands in the back because we were a bit scared!  But within 20 minutes we were stepping out on wonderful Martha’s Vineyard! 

 The in the pink store there is also located about a stone’s throw away from what is probably one of the best waterfront views EVER – kind of made me forget that I was working! Like Nantucket, it gets a little sleepy around Edgartown in the winter, but the good news is that the in the pink team has been hard at work unloading a mountain of boxes of fresh Lilly product!!

 Thankfully the 4 of us were on hand to help!  You have to love that feeling of all of the best summer Lilly prints spilling out of the boxes – just the sight of it makes your heart skip a beat because you KNOW that summer is finally here!  Dresses hung, mannequins styled, doors open – the in the pink store in Martha’s Vineyard is READY for YOU!

Now the ferry ride back to Hyannis was a little bit choppy (blah!) – but this was worth it because we were heading toward one of my favorite spots in the whole country – the Cape!  A good insider secret is that, when in the pink was looking to open a store in Chatham, they just happened to stumble upon… a PINK HOUSE!  It obviously was meant to be, and the only way to describe this store is CHARMING!  It’s the kind of thing that you have to see in person to love as much as we do – I actually have caught a lot of people taking pictures of the store because they think it’s so adorable!


More fun to come tomorrow!



Trish @ Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

Posted on May 19th, 2010 at 4:48pm

Hi Lilly Team! Fabulous job, I can’t wait to visit In The Pink this September when we head back to Nantucket! Couldn’t you just move it? It’s so adorable! If you need someone to join you on your adventures in spreading the Lilly love, you know who to call!! :) xox