It’s Derby Week!

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Do you Derby? The week ahead is mighty busy but Janie had to drop in. She’ll also be writing about Derby Hats later in the week so stay tuned!

Have you seen the incredibly chic dresses we have just delivered? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. I have to remember my audience!

Well, this is a big week. Shopping and settling on the right Derby dress is…imperative. Seriously, this dress counts a lot. A perfect dress for an event like this has the power to turn your frown upside down…does it perhaps have the power to make your horse win or loose? Hmm. I’m not making any promises but with Lilly – nothing would surprise me :)

Did you know that Friday is the Kentucky Oaks race? It’s when the Fillies run for the Lillys! The winning horse receives a blanket of beautiful Stargazer Lillys. If you ask me it’s an altogether amazing weekend for Lilly Lovers!

Also how perfect is this… The Kentucky Oaks is going PINK! They have partnered with a charity near and dear to us, Susan G. Komen. They are calling the day a “PINK OUT” and encouraging all to wear pink to the track! It sounds like HEAVEN.

You can check all the details here.

Lucky for you there are SO many PINK options at Lilly! And DO NOT FORGET a pair of pink shades! We LOVE the Paleys!

Of course Saturday marks the Official Kentucky Derby and I have an INSANE day. It needed sharing so here we go…

On Saturday I start with a painting class from 10am till 4pm. EEK. The Derby is at 5pm right? I am going to have to get the paint out from under my nails and change IMMEDIATELY. Hair must be fixed!!!

Leave it to me to over schedule. I have 12 people coming for dinner at 7pm on Saturday! Hmmm. And I planned an Indian themed soiree. I have a long sari to use as a table cloth, oodles of white pierced lanterns, I am hanging twinkling lights (DETERMINED to eat outside weather be….). I have ordered samosas, chicken tiki masala, basmati rice and tons of yummy naan. For dessert I am going to have a huge ornate bowl filled with Klondike bars and frozen snickers. I mean seriously, who has time to make it all from scratch, or in my case anything.

How am I going to get this all done. Is there one dress that can take me from derby to Indian princess?

No. I need multiple outfits – PERFECT! I am thinking the SANDRA in PINK for derby. Don’t you love the print name..I Dahlia!

Main image - Hotty Pink I Dahlia

For the Indian themed dinner party? It HAS to be the ADELSON in TEN TON BOUQUET. The pink/orange elephants are perrrrrfect!

Adelson Maxi Shift Printed

The best part, I have one pair of earrings to go with both outfits! Have you noticed that we are selling jewelry from the EXTREMELY talented Alexis Bittar on our site? More on this in a blog soon, but for now, set your sights on these…

Gold Klimt Hoop Earrings

I want to hear what type of parties YOU all are throwing! Do dish all the details! What are you wearing? As promised I’m doing a piece later in the week about Derby hats! And what best to pull that entire look together than a perfect pair of Lilly sunglasses! The Payley, Tamara and Taite styles all come in shades of fun!  I love the Astrid with that cute side detail!

OK, ok…I have a derby-day-slash-indian-dinner party to plan! I ah-hem…mean I have to get back to work. Wink wink.

Love you too much. xx,  Janie

Brittney Proctor

Posted on April 27th, 2010 at 5:34pm

I love that you are featuring Kentucky in your blog!! Derby is big here!!! I am going to the Oaks they say its more for the locals to come out and enjoy the track and on Derby more for the celebrities but locals are still there!

I just love that they are doing another pink out this year. I wasn’t able to wear pink last year. (didn’t get the memo to wear it) but this year I am going all out!! Bright pink hat! and a dress that has pink and yellow in it! I cant wait! sorry its not a lilly


Beth Dunn

Posted on April 28th, 2010 at 9:14am

OMG that looks so pretty! Have so much fun. I totally Derby. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I can’t wait to go to Lexington this summer, but the Derby? OMG so jealous. xoxo


Sharon Andrus

Posted on June 18th, 2010 at 8:10pm

i love lilly its great and i have just bought my daughter a
lilly shift dress and she loves it so i want to buy more lilly pulitzer couture for me and my daughter