The New Print Studio Mascot

Posted on April 26, 2010 in More Fun by | 2 comments

The newest and by far the cutest member (sorry guys) of the print studio has just arrived…. read on for the details!

Lilly Land…

SSSSHHHHH. We have a secret in the print studio. I may get fired but we are all in SUCH HEAVEN that I have to spread the word. We have a puppy. She is sitting in my lap RIGHT NOW and her name is LOLLIE. She is a Japanese Chin and she weights about 3lbs. She is ABSOLUTELY the sweetest yummiest most adorable thing in the entire WORLD. Torie, one of our fabulous print designers rescued her, so she does have more of a home than just the print studio…but we like to call her ours. A mascot!

As you may know Lilly Pulitzer had a wild crew of print designers in her day. They lived in Key West and had a free-loving family studio. We want to carry on the tradition. As Lilly tells it, when the Key West studio would get chickens, they ended up in prints. When the bougainvillea exploded into hot pink flowers after a cold snap…it turned up in the print.

So as you can see EVERYTHING that goes on in our lives – and in yours (when you send us emails or pics) end up in our prints. We have a guppie print coming up called Oscar & Chloe…they were some swimming friends we had in the print studio for awhile. AND NOW LOLLIE!

What critters do you have running around to love? Please send pics and their names :)

OH, and if I get in trouble for housing the cutest critter in the world, I have a defense. She has an EXCELLENT sense of color. Her favorite shade of all? Duh…pink. It matches her belly.


Jenn Vichko

Posted on June 18th, 2010 at 10:52am

How cute is this pup!?! I know this is an old post BUT I just wanted to chime in that the girls at the King of Prussia store last Saturday night (6/12) were so sweet and fabulous for letting me come in and shop with my puppy, Caesar!! He was in a tote bag of course but he couldn’t help but keep popping up and checking out all the cute prints for the season. He’s used to seeing them in my closet so I’m assuming he felt right at home in the store :)

Thanks again girls for not turning us away! :)



Posted on October 4th, 2010 at 3:14pm

Lilly…do you allow dogs in the office everyday, or was this a special occasion? So cute xoxo