New Print: Queen Of Green!

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Did you know we made a special print so you can show your friends you’re all about going green? Reduce, Re-use, Re-Lilly! Check out the new addition to the Originals Collection NOW!

Helllooo Lilly Land!

If you don’t know by now…well I am going to have to spank you. This year Lilly celebrates LILLY LOVES GREEN…and the year is flying by. I am having a complete heart attack that when I walked into our Ardmore, PA store yesterday the SUMMER product was already on the floor. I just made plans for Memorial Day… and my pool opens in 15 days. I need to get bikini ready asap! WHEW, let’s not focus on that right this second. I can put off the gym for a few more days right?

SOOOOO, I get a lot of calls and emails from friends saying “Janie I want this, love this, hate that” (rarely get the hates). My email is full of fun tid-bits from around the Lilly world. EVERYONE tells me what they think of the line…and I love it. I learn SO MUCH from what people love and don’t love. For a while ALLLLL I could hear about was the panda. Which thrilled me because it was one of my fav prints ever! The latest to clog my in-box? DEFINTELY our new ‘queen of green’ print. Especially in accessories! It is a hit and here’s why…

it’s adorable.
it helps you raise awareness for the green cause
it has lots of cute Lilly hidden messages in it

hmmmm…when a print is right it is RIGHT! the best part, it comes three ways! More to love :) So if you love it you can love it more. For clothing it has a white ground and in accessories we popped it with pink. and how can we forget the print comes blown-up and green for our reusable shopping tote!!!! SPECIAL. LOTS OF IT!

I bought out the store yesterday of Queen of Green SOOOO if it is sold out fast don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Just send me an email :)



Emily Kathleen

Posted on April 23rd, 2010 at 11:13pm

Such a fabulous print! Love the shift in this print shown in the May issue of InStyle!