Getting Safari Ready!

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We’re getting all the final details in place for tonight’s big event! Janie just HAD to drop a line and check in with the Lilly-faithful…

I am headed to NYC for the Museum of Natural History’s Spring Safari…and I am so excited!!!!!! I have my gorgeous pandamonium gown with hot pink sash. I just keep thinking of how lucky I am to work for such and amazing brand. I promise to give a full report on the event, but first I have to dwell on how happy I am today!

Just out is a cute blurb on our soon to be released Queen of Green print. Have I written enough about our Originals collection!?! It is just incredible to celebrate the heritage of this brand. Anne Slowey from Elle is incredibly chic (like wrote the book on chic-ness that’s how chic she is) and it is amazing that she recognizes the power of Lilly!

So anyways, on my way into NYC I called Lilly herself to tell her all about the insane night we have planned. She is such a hoot!!!!! No one wants us to turn NYC upside down MORE than Ms. Pulitzer herself! I am calling her back over bfast (which I am sure will be late and hearty if the champagne is flowing and I have a pretty good hunch that it WILL BE) to give her every detail. I’ll blog for you! If you are flying over NYC tonight and see a pink glow – that’s us bringing the museum to life!

Tons of love! xx, Janie

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