The Rollins Round-Up

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It took us a few days to find her, but we did! Janie has been on a whirlwind tour of Florida but she’s back for a bit and checking in with Lilly Land…


I JUST got back in town for Easter. I spent the first half of the week on a GLORIOUS spring break with my girls. Hit all the Florida hot-spots. As I mentioned last blog, it all started with a weekend at Rollins. Hmmm, sounds like a much longer explanation is needed and I promise it is PG.

I went to Rollins. Loved it more than life itself, last weekend was reunion weekend, we decided to throw a party in the Lilly Pulitzer Winter Park store to celebrate. That about sums it up!

I flew from freezing-and-not-nearly-springy enough Philly to warm-sunny-lovely-and-perfect Winter Park. If you are out of the loop, Winter Park is outside of Orlando and the cutest town ever. GREAT SHOPPING on the main drag aptly named Park Avenue.

I went down with Torie one of our very fun and talented print designers – who is also smart enough to be FROM Winter Park. Genius.

I walked into the store with paints in hand and Mary Lane, one of our most devoted and spectacular customers, was at the cash-wrap pouring pink champagne. YAY! This is just what I was hoping would happen. We set-up our studio outside the store and painted the day away. Saw tons of old friends and made lots of new ones.

Doesn’t everyone look great! I want to airbrush my chubby arm so please ignore that part J

I met a new friend Chris who CLEARLY has exceptional taste. He was wearing vintage Lilly Men’s Stuff which just slayed me. Pelican print knit polo circa 1960. For Chris and me it was LOVE at first sight! He gave us some GREAT, GREAT, GREAT and slightly insane print ideas – which we completely plan on incorporating IMMEDIATELY. Lilly in SPACE? Chris! Please take your meds J Dorothy, how do you put up with this guy?

Another old friend Caroline came by with her lovely, lovely family. I have to shout out to Vivia her 8 year old daughter who wants to be a DOLPHIN TRAINER. So cool. I painted her a dolphin and she drew me some incredible Lilly artwork. If the dolphin thing does not work out you are welcome in our print studio ANYTIME.

Here they are:

On Sunday I drove to Sarasota through the most insane FLA rainstorm ever! Made it in one piece. More to come on that…have to go now. It’s FRIDAY! Easter weekend! Have a wonderful holiday and PLEASE eat way too many chocolate bunnies. LYTM.



Liz Jarvis

Posted on April 4th, 2010 at 4:21pm

Hello! Does anyone know if there are any UK stockists selling Lilly dresses now? I know Brown’s in London used to stock them but don’t seem to any more. Or failing that, do you know of any US Lilly stockists who will ship to the UK?



Posted on April 6th, 2010 at 9:52pm

Can you drop some hints in the correct ears: printed cardigans!! I can’t wear the button down shirts, but I LOVE cardigans and would definitely stock up on printed ones!



Posted on May 11th, 2010 at 9:42pm

I wish you would make some of your darling pants with a standard rise! Pretty please?