LeSportsac Launch Party!

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The LeSportsac launch was a big hit! Did you make it? Post some pics! Janie chimes in with a little party recap for everyone… Cheers!


Late, late, late. I am late again. I was supposed to blog LAST WEEK about the LesSportsac event…but I got the stomach bug. UGH. It is everywhere. I am sorry. LUCKILY I did make it to the event and had soooo, soooo,  soooo much fun. Seriously, DJ’s make the world a better place. I want a dj to follow me around and play cool/fun/get-down music ALL THE TIME. I think Ellen DeGeneres probably feels the same way. Maybe we can become best friends and she can foot the bill.

Alright, I am off in my own world again. Bringing it back…

Thursday night, the LeSportsac store DOWNTOWN in SOHO NYC. The cutest store e-v-e-r. Just the right size for a DJ, all of NYC’s cutest and coolest plus the new LeSportsac/Lilly Pulitzer collection!

And there were yummy drinks! Spiked. Hee hee. There were snacks – so yummy. There were SO many friends and Lilly Lovers. I spent much of the evening upfront of the store with the LeSportsac creative director D’Arcy. She is a hoot…smart and funny. It was so fun to have LeSportsac and Lilly host the event together, design the collection together…sip a few spiked punchy drinks together!

D’Arcy and ME!!!!

(I stole this pic from the LeSportsac Facebook fan page, become a fan! Did they touch-up my teeth or WHAT – looking so white. My dentist will be so happy.

SOOOO, the new collection. The first delivery is out and I have already nabbed 4 pieces. LOVE the totes. LOVE the umbrellas. I have PRE-ORDERED the tennis racket cover in the She’s a Piston print. Coming soon!!!! I mean, hot pink tennis racket cover for moi. I cannot think of anything more appropriate.

Tennis Sleeve - Pre-order

I am SO excited to see what you all think. I have to get some of the weekenders. I WANT to see those in the airport to spice up the drab-ness of awful no-water-allowed-you-have-to-pay-for-peanuts FLYING!

Hmmm. Back to DJ’s? I think it goes with wearing LILLY. It just makes you happy. You are wearing a cute dress, amazing SHOES are key…and you have the best music following you around everywhere. It is like living in a romantic comedy. Hmmm, what is my theme song? For me it is DEF something by the Black Eyed Peas. DO YOU HAVE A THEME SONG?

Allie at the Beach

Posted on March 16th, 2010 at 5:49pm

The tennis raquet cover is sooo on my spring wish list…XXOO