Janie Hits The City Of Lights!

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We pinned Janie down for a few  minutes and made her spill all the juice on her latest trip to Paris with her two daughters! Apparently jet-setting runs in the family! You won’t want to miss this one…

Hi Friends!

I just got back from Paris. EEeee, I know, it is completely fine to be jealous. It was an absolutely amazing trip and I am not going to even TRY and down-play it. WHY did I go? Well, it was an extravagance. My daughter Sabrina turned 8 on February 20th and her favorite food is croissants. I decided that there is NO BETTER WAY for a croissant-loving-gal to spend her birthday than in PARIS. So Sabrina, Tiki and I packed our bags and headed on their first trip (my millionth, but I AM in fashion!) trip to Paris.

From start to finish the girls were angels. They wore their Lilly fleece on the flights and cuddled up – sleeping the ENTIRE WAY OVER! We met my Dad there who was visiting Paris for the week. How fab, an impromptu multi-generational trip!

Once we arrived our itinerary was packed. From Thursday to Sunday we:

Visited the Eiffel Tower - twice! And got a bit dizzy looking down.

Rode the carousels outside the Eiffel Tower a billion times.

Ate crepes and cotton candy (or BARBE A PAPA in french it translates to ‘my father’s beard’).

Had steak frittes for lunch and dinner… every day.

Ate OOODLES of chocolate croissants, patisserie and chocolate mousse. Sabrina declared chocolate mousse “the best thing that she had ever eaten in her entire life.”  I KNEW she was a genius.

Buzzed through the Louvre.

Hit the Musee D’Orsay for a dose of Impressionism.

Lit a candle in Notre Dame (did not see any hunchbacks).

Went on an open bus tour – Sabrina’s birthday wish.

More steak frittes. More chocolate mousse. More crepes. And of course, some champagne for ME!

Shopping! We hit the Porthault store for linens and I went une petite CRAZY!

I got this print and I love it so much I could cry. DIVINE.

Here are some pics…notice Sabrina in her Wetherly jacket and new pink beret!!!!!!!

Tiki in her Brigit Velour!

Hmmm. Is that it? Could that be all? The girls were given gold Eiffel Towers for their charm bracelets from their grandfather to remember the trip.

OH OH OH, so something else that was COOL. The Parisian streets were littered with Yves Saint Laurent’s new spring/summer MANIFESTO.

Much buzzed about and I got one. LUCKY ME!

So, just to bring it around to Lilly. Guess what. YSL loves strawberries for spring/summer…and SO DO WE. Just wait till your May delivery of prints and you will see…

WOW are we chic and on-trend. No surprise there… Who doesn’t love strawberries!

Oh, one more thing that I have to share. The Shere Wrap saved my life from the flight over, to the open bus tours, to chic dinners. It is a take anywhere and look fabulous…plus be cozy piece. I recommend ALL the colors but I particularly adore the pink, it is just so, so, so pretty.

Main image - Hibiscus Pink

I am SAFELY back at work…a few pounds heavier but beyond happy. I am so excited to get back to work on Spring 2011, refreshed from a very inspirational trip filled with laughs, shopping and of course PINK CHAMPAGNE.




Posted on February 24th, 2010 at 9:30pm

Janie, that sounds lovely. What lucky litle girls! And I adore you Porthault print.


Allie at the Beach

Posted on March 5th, 2010 at 11:20pm

Those Porthault linens are gorge! Also, I’ve swapped out my Whole Foods totes for shiney new Lilly ones and even the bag man complimented them…XXOO



Posted on March 8th, 2010 at 2:16pm

Oh la la!!! Its sounds like you girlies brought even more light and sparkle to the city of lights!! Xoxo-BLC


alice hurley

Posted on March 29th, 2010 at 8:29pm

What a colorful trip report. Really fun to read! thanks!