*Gasp* … Swimsuit Season!

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Hello Friends!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I went swim suit shopping. (*Breathe Janie, breathe*) Here’s the deal, I like chic swim. I wear jewelry to the beach. I like to have a different swim suit every day for an extended super long weekend in palm beach (I swear, I am WORKING, just want to check out what everyone is wearing by the pool for 6 days). I want my cover-up to coordinate with my swim suit. I want an enormous beach bag. I want towels to be provided by someone cute in a white uniform that periodically (or every 10 minutes) brings me something icy to drink. I want, I want, I want.

Most of all, I want to feel good in my swim suit.

So, the saga begins. You are in the fitting room, it is FEBRUARY, it has been snowing and DREADFULLY chilly for WAY TOO LONG. Who the heck decided this lighting was a good idea in this dressing room of torture? OK, breathe…

There are 800 suits lined-up to try on. I have pulled every brand under the sun, OF COURSE including oodles of print from Lilly Pulitzer.

So here’s the scoop. Here at Lilly we have redone all of our swim. We have made sure every piece fits. We have dripped them in the loveliest prints. You have to try them on, promise me you will.

SO, this is what I bought:

High Tide Tankini

High Tide Tankini Top

Since I am getting the tankini and not a tiny triangle top, I am going for the bitty bottoms – the surfs-up brief. ADORABLE. Hits at just the right spot with the tankini overlay.

LOVE this new print. I WANT the Kena Bandea too, but have to do some more crunches.

Cover-up: the over-sized Elliot in white. Looks great with a straw hat and the collar-up. DEF big sunglasses.


Lg Golden Basket

NEW from Spanx a one shoulder number that made me feel like a MILLION DOLLARS!

hmmm, not sure of the cover-up for this yet but will 100% wear with my Lilly aviator sunglasses.

Paley Sunglasses

OK, one more that I could not resist. I just think an animal print is soooooo chic and a bit racey, kind of fun to go a little wild:

OndadeMar Zebra-Print Bandeau One-Piece

Who needs a cover-up…I will just wear this with heels! Love the new embellished McKim wedge:

Mckim Wedge Embellished

OK, I have survived the swimsuit buying. PHEW!

Please, please, please, do not let me get wind of ANY OF YOU out there without sunscreen. My derm is Dr. Brandt and he is a genius. I just got his new SPF. No matter what you wear, do not forget this!!!!


Xx to all!


Janice Gibson

Posted on February 27th, 2010 at 3:25am

That pocketbook is darling!