Ready For The Big Game?

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Janie dishes on the perfect dress to get your hubby’s eyes off the big game this weekend and a new beauty must-have!

Hello there Lilly Land!

Am I perfectionist? Hmmm, about somethings I guess. I don’t micro manage as long as things are absolutely flawless! Is that a perfectionist? When I throw parties I am loose and free-wheeling as long as I have prepared everything in advance and don’t have a care in the world. Although sometimes I have forgotten to serve dinner because the cocktails and hors┬ád’oeuvres are way too much fun.

Main image - Multi This Blooms For You

The one thing I am psychotic about is nail polish. If it is chipped you really should not go out of the house! Think of this, you are wearing your new Spring 2010 Lilly Pulitzer Claire dress in the This Blooms For You print (my current favorite **hint, hint**), your gold Lilly wedges, a shere wrap around your shoulders, a gold clutch, some breathtaking earrings and a dash of rosy-coral lipstick! Your nails…looked fabulous 4 hours ago – really they did. Then one chip and you picked, you did some dishes…it is a very slippery slope! Frankly, your once dashing neutral or coral or red nails are now simply…an embarrassment.

“Ah Ha” moment coming.

Have you tried the new gel manicure from OPI!?! Eeeeeee. It is supposed to last 2 weeks!!!! It is dry the second they finish applying. It is a tid-bit more money, but did you read…. it-lasts- TWO – WEEKS!

Ok, so I got it. I splurged because I wanted to wear my Claire Dress in when I going in Palm Beach this weekend with all the ecoutremont mentioned above. No time for a mani before the trip. CAN my new opi gel mani make the cut? Well, I am wearing the Claire tomorrow. My nails are 8 days in and they are (drumroll please!) Perfect. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. Hee hee. I am giddy.

I promise I am not some vapid designer that stares at her nails all day when typing on her blackberry (oh wait, except for this little millisecond). I am a working Mom who travels a ton (yes to resort chic destinations with the best job on the planet) and fitting in the gym or a mani or anything for ME can be really hard, so I have to say – this new opi revolution is working so far. Bring on the Claire!



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