Slope Style

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Our fabulous intern Rhianna checks in ski-side with a little note about all the color on the slopes…

Hi Guys!

I’m up in Vermont and I couldn’t help but notice all the colorful outfits everyone was wearing this season! Bright pinks, greens, teals, and yellows, all around.  Standing at the bottom of the slope, it is hard to ignore this trend of bright colors popping out on the white snow. Especially on the terrain park, the half pipe was flooded with rainbows of color! You can pick out the snowboarders and skiers with the best tricks just by how bright their outfits are. I’m not joking….it really works!

When I first think of colorful ski clothes, my mind jumps to the 80’s. Who could have resisted a neon one-piece ski suit with the matching headband?

As Lilly Lovers, we know how our colorful clothes have the power to give us confidence and make us happy, and I like to think that this is the reason for the re-surge of color on the mountain. Hey it works for me!

Now, with the Olympics giving us a surge of inspiration, everyone is headed to the slopes. If you want to look like a pro, even if your skills don’t quite match up, my advice would be to wear your bright colors (mostly pinks and greens, of course)!


Janie Hits The City Of Lights!

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We pinned Janie down for a few  minutes and made her spill all the juice on her latest trip to Paris with her two daughters! Apparently jet-setting runs in the family! You won’t want to miss this one…

Hi Friends!

I just got back from Paris. EEeee, I know, it is completely fine to be jealous. It was an absolutely amazing trip and I am not going to even TRY and down-play it. WHY did I go? Well, it was an extravagance. My daughter Sabrina turned 8 on February 20th and her favorite food is croissants. I decided that there is NO BETTER WAY for a croissant-loving-gal to spend her birthday than in PARIS. So Sabrina, Tiki and I packed our bags and headed on their first trip (my millionth, but I AM in fashion!) trip to Paris.

From start to finish the girls were angels. They wore their Lilly fleece on the flights and cuddled up – sleeping the ENTIRE WAY OVER! We met my Dad there who was visiting Paris for the week. How fab, an impromptu multi-generational trip!

Once we arrived our itinerary was packed. From Thursday to Sunday we:

Visited the Eiffel Tower - twice! And got a bit dizzy looking down.

Rode the carousels outside the Eiffel Tower a billion times.

Ate crepes and cotton candy (or BARBE A PAPA in french it translates to ‘my father’s beard’).

Had steak frittes for lunch and dinner… every day.

Ate OOODLES of chocolate croissants, patisserie and chocolate mousse. Sabrina declared chocolate mousse “the best thing that she had ever eaten in her entire life.”  I KNEW she was a genius.

Buzzed through the Louvre.

Hit the Musee D’Orsay for a dose of Impressionism.

Lit a candle in Notre Dame (did not see any hunchbacks).

Went on an open bus tour – Sabrina’s birthday wish.

More steak frittes. More chocolate mousse. More crepes. And of course, some champagne for ME!

Shopping! We hit the Porthault store for linens and I went une petite CRAZY!

I got this print and I love it so much I could cry. DIVINE.

Here are some pics…notice Sabrina in her Wetherly jacket and new pink beret!!!!!!!

Tiki in her Brigit Velour!

Hmmm. Is that it? Could that be all? The girls were given gold Eiffel Towers for their charm bracelets from their grandfather to remember the trip.

OH OH OH, so something else that was COOL. The Parisian streets were littered with Yves Saint Laurent’s new spring/summer MANIFESTO.

Much buzzed about and I got one. LUCKY ME!

So, just to bring it around to Lilly. Guess what. YSL loves strawberries for spring/summer…and SO DO WE. Just wait till your May delivery of prints and you will see…

WOW are we chic and on-trend. No surprise there… Who doesn’t love strawberries!

Oh, one more thing that I have to share. The Shere Wrap saved my life from the flight over, to the open bus tours, to chic dinners. It is a take anywhere and look fabulous…plus be cozy piece. I recommend ALL the colors but I particularly adore the pink, it is just so, so, so pretty.

Main image - Hibiscus Pink

I am SAFELY back at work…a few pounds heavier but beyond happy. I am so excited to get back to work on Spring 2011, refreshed from a very inspirational trip filled with laughs, shopping and of course PINK CHAMPAGNE.



Store Of The Week: Persnickety Palm

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Persnickety Palm, a fixture of historic downtown Leesburg, Virginia since 2005, is now a Via Shop! That means… we have more Lilly than ever!!! Linda Morrison and Peter Gould took over the shop in May 2009 and re-energized it with a complete makeover, all new inventory, and fresh additions… including a distinctive collection of handpicked Lilly Pulitzer vintage pieces from the 1960s and 70s. This is something truly special.  Just eight great months later, the “new” Persnickety Palm is now a member of the Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop family.

Stop by next time you’re in the area they will be thrilled to welcome you in and show you around, you won’t be able to leave empty handed.

Persnickety Palm, bringing resort chic to everyday life . . . all year long.™

We’re located at:
1 Loudoun Street, SW
Leesburg, VA 20175
(703) 443-0948

Store Hours:

Tuesday through Saturday: 10:30 to 6:00

Sunday: 12:00 to 5:00

Closed Mondays

If you or someone you know is interested in owning a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop please email

*Gasp* … Swimsuit Season!

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Hello Friends!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I went swim suit shopping. (*Breathe Janie, breathe*) Here’s the deal, I like chic swim. I wear jewelry to the beach. I like to have a different swim suit every day for an extended super long weekend in palm beach (I swear, I am WORKING, just want to check out what everyone is wearing by the pool for 6 days). I want my cover-up to coordinate with my swim suit. I want an enormous beach bag. I want towels to be provided by someone cute in a white uniform that periodically (or every 10 minutes) brings me something icy to drink. I want, I want, I want.

Most of all, I want to feel good in my swim suit.

So, the saga begins. You are in the fitting room, it is FEBRUARY, it has been snowing and DREADFULLY chilly for WAY TOO LONG. Who the heck decided this lighting was a good idea in this dressing room of torture? OK, breathe…

There are 800 suits lined-up to try on. I have pulled every brand under the sun, OF COURSE including oodles of print from Lilly Pulitzer.

So here’s the scoop. Here at Lilly we have redone all of our swim. We have made sure every piece fits. We have dripped them in the loveliest prints. You have to try them on, promise me you will.

SO, this is what I bought:

High Tide Tankini

High Tide Tankini Top

Since I am getting the tankini and not a tiny triangle top, I am going for the bitty bottoms – the surfs-up brief. ADORABLE. Hits at just the right spot with the tankini overlay.

LOVE this new print. I WANT the Kena Bandea too, but have to do some more crunches.

Cover-up: the over-sized Elliot in white. Looks great with a straw hat and the collar-up. DEF big sunglasses.


Lg Golden Basket

NEW from Spanx a one shoulder number that made me feel like a MILLION DOLLARS!

hmmm, not sure of the cover-up for this yet but will 100% wear with my Lilly aviator sunglasses.

Paley Sunglasses

OK, one more that I could not resist. I just think an animal print is soooooo chic and a bit racey, kind of fun to go a little wild:

OndadeMar Zebra-Print Bandeau One-Piece

Who needs a cover-up…I will just wear this with heels! Love the new embellished McKim wedge:

Mckim Wedge Embellished

OK, I have survived the swimsuit buying. PHEW!

Please, please, please, do not let me get wind of ANY OF YOU out there without sunscreen. My derm is Dr. Brandt and he is a genius. I just got his new SPF. No matter what you wear, do not forget this!!!!


Xx to all!


Go Gators!

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We are so excited to announce that Gainesville, Florida, now has its’ first-ever Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop! The Colorful Gator is open in Thornebrook Village, which is located just 3 miles from the heart of the University of Florida campus. What can be more fabulous than the combination of the spirit of a collegiate campus & Lilly Pulitzer? The Colorful Gator carries a full line of Lilly Pulitzer clothes, shoes and accessories…something for everyone of all ages and sizes.

The Colorful Gator is owned and operated by Susan Koren, who has been a devout Lilly Lover for years and wanted to share her vision with the Gainesville community. The name of her store was inspired by, of course, The University of Florida & Lilly Pulitzer’s slogan, “Lead a Colorful Life.” Leading a Colorful Life is exactly what Lilly Pulitzer (and UF) fans do best! Come and visit the shop, they can’t wait to get you in a Lilly!

They are located at:

2441 NW 43rd St.

Suite 7

Gainesville, FL 32606

p. 352- 255-3595

If you or someone you know is interested in opening a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop please email !


Ready For The Big Game?

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Janie dishes on the perfect dress to get your hubby’s eyes off the big game this weekend and a new beauty must-have!

Hello there Lilly Land!

Am I perfectionist? Hmmm, about somethings I guess. I don’t micro manage as long as things are absolutely flawless! Is that a perfectionist? When I throw parties I am loose and free-wheeling as long as I have prepared everything in advance and don’t have a care in the world. Although sometimes I have forgotten to serve dinner because the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are way too much fun.

Main image - Multi This Blooms For You

The one thing I am psychotic about is nail polish. If it is chipped you really should not go out of the house! Think of this, you are wearing your new Spring 2010 Lilly Pulitzer Claire dress in the This Blooms For You print (my current favorite **hint, hint**), your gold Lilly wedges, a shere wrap around your shoulders, a gold clutch, some breathtaking earrings and a dash of rosy-coral lipstick! Your nails…looked fabulous 4 hours ago – really they did. Then one chip and you picked, you did some dishes…it is a very slippery slope! Frankly, your once dashing neutral or coral or red nails are now simply…an embarrassment.

“Ah Ha” moment coming.

Have you tried the new gel manicure from OPI!?! Eeeeeee. It is supposed to last 2 weeks!!!! It is dry the second they finish applying. It is a tid-bit more money, but did you read…. it-lasts- TWO – WEEKS!

Ok, so I got it. I splurged because I wanted to wear my Claire Dress in when I going in Palm Beach this weekend with all the ecoutremont mentioned above. No time for a mani before the trip. CAN my new opi gel mani make the cut? Well, I am wearing the Claire tomorrow. My nails are 8 days in and they are (drumroll please!) Perfect. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. Hee hee. I am giddy.

I promise I am not some vapid designer that stares at her nails all day when typing on her blackberry (oh wait, except for this little millisecond). I am a working Mom who travels a ton (yes to resort chic destinations with the best job on the planet) and fitting in the gym or a mani or anything for ME can be really hard, so I have to say – this new opi revolution is working so far. Bring on the Claire!



Panda Express!

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FedEx Express is donating their services to transport two of America’s Giant Pandas back to China today. Per a contract with China regarding the loaning of their parents to the zoos these two must be returned to live in China and help further grow the panda population.

Mei Lan a 3 year-old female born in Atlanta and Tai Shan a 4 and a half year-old male born at the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, DC will be flying in style today as they set off on a fourteen and a half hour flight from DC to Chengdu, China.  (On a custom-decaled plane no less!)

Mei Lan

Tai Shan as a baby! So cute!

The pandas will be transported to the airplane by FedEx trucks in specially designed travel containers. They will also have caretakers making the journey alongside them. Once in China Mei Lan will be going to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas Breeding and Tai Shan will be headed for the China Wildlife Conservation Association’s Nature Reserve in Sichuan.

We wish them both safe travels and a happy new life in China. They will be missed dearly!!

We’re Back In Bethesda!

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Oh how we’ve missed you all!! We’ve been so busy these past few weeks and the time has flown by!

We just had to stop in and share how excited we are about the new store opening of  Pink Palm in Bethesda, MD! Owner Lizanne Jeveret has done an amazing job with the space transforming it into a beautiful Lilly oasis.

They officially opened their doors yesterday to a crowd of Lilly Lovers who couldn’t wait to welcome Lilly back to the area.  Pink Palm has an outstanding location on the Shops on Bethesda Row (right across from the Apple Store!) Come stop by and meet store manager Amber, she’ll be happy to help you. The new Spring prints and colors are sure to cure any case of the winter blues…we promise!

Pink Palm Bethesda

4867 Bethesda Avenue

Phone: (301) 913-9191

Open:  Monday- Saturday 10am-7pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Lizanne and her husband David also own Pink Palm locations in Charlottesville, VA, Mclean, VA and Richmond, VA.  All absolute stops on any Lilly Lover road trip.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Lilly family by opening your own store please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’d love to hear from you at