“A Sea Change” With Ocean Conservancy

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Good Morning! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season thus far! We can’t wait to hear about your plans and adventures. Today we thought we’d reflect for a moment about why our Resort line is so special to us this year. Vikki Spruill the CEO of Ocean Conservancy wrote in to tell us just a little bit more about what she does and why she loves Lilly! Enjoy and come in to “sea” the collection soon! (couldn’t resist that one)

Hello Lilly Land!

As president and CEO of Ocean Conservancy I get to wake up every day and work to protect the beauty and abundance of our ocean! Along side a talented group of scientists, policy analysts, writers and communicators, I am working to conserve and restore our ocean for people and wildlife for generations to come. You may be asking, “Why does this matter?” If I were to tell you that the ocean is a source of beauty, awe and inspiration, you probably wouldn’t be surprised by that. But, if I told you that the ocean provides much of the food that feeds the world or most of the rain that becomes our fresh water, or half of the oxygen in your next breath, you might have to pause to rethink all the ocean does for us. Simply put, the ocean is the life support system that drives the planet we call home. The ocean is essential to all life on Earth including ours.

Unfortunately, the effects of climate change on the ocean and years of ongoing damage from pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction are threatening the ocean’s ability to continue to enrich and sustain our lives. It’s pretty easy to get discouraged, especially during a time when it seems we are facing so many global challenges. That’s why we are pressing for protections in the Arctic, cleaning up beaches and waterways, protecting ocean wildlife and their habitats, working with fishermen to rebuild the fisheries they depend upon, creating a network of ocean parks to protect our most beautiful underwater treasures and working with government to responsibly manage how we use our coastal ocean.

There is hope, and that’s where Lilly comes in! As long as I can remember I have been a Lilly lover. I grew up living all over the world with parents who always gravitated to the beach for our time to regroup and reflect. I think the ocean got into my blood at an early age. Together with those wonderful family memories are images of parties and celebrations and family moments and lively Lilly patterns. Then, when I had my daughters, and now when we visit our second home at the beach, I keep my love of Lilly going. What began with years of matching mother-daughter outfits has evolved into their love of the brand and all it represents. The patterns and styles may vary but the spirit of the brand and the joy that you feel looking at and wearing the clothes is the constant that keeps me coming back for more.

(Here is Vikki and her family on the beach in Nantucket!)

More than anything, Lilly is about fun and hope and celebration. At a time when we are facing so many challenges, especially in the ocean, I am honored to work with Lilly to celebrate what it means to love the blue part of our planet – by wearing PINK! The ocean inspired themes of the 2009 resort wear nearly scream with laughter and joy and make me realize how much there is to be grateful for and hopeful about. I want to protect our ocean so that it continues to teem with abundance. I want that abundance of sea life – the shells and waves and colors to continue to inspire the talented designers at Lilly who keep giving us patterns and colors and designs we love to wear! It’s NOT too late to fix the problems in our oceans. By changing the way people think about the ocean – by valuing it for its beauty and abundance as well as its utility – we can turn the tide. Thank you Lilly for going green by loving blue!

For a sea change,
Vikki N. Spruill
Ocean Conservancy

Johnna Hetrick

Posted on December 24th, 2009 at 11:20am

I absolutely adore this blog! I love the writing, and I am constantly checking for new entries! As a Lilly Lover, I think you do a great job bringing the Lilly personality and character into the blog, and it really inspires me. Hope you have a great holiday! If you are ever interested, check out my blog for Monkee’s of Fredericksburg (we carry Lilly) at I will continue to read and admire your blogs!