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I love words. I love tongue twisters and a play on words. I love funny and nice and happy. I love shopping. LIFE IS SO GOOD WHEN EVERYTHING YOU LOVE comes together.
I got a call from my friend Jane…and before I tell you what she said I have to give you the 411 on Jane. WOW IS JANE CHIC. I aspire to look like Jane, dress like Jane, have witty cocktail conversation like Jane, be creative like Jane. OK, I know it sounds a little stalker-ish, but I promise if you met her you would want to be like her too. Jane is a graphic designer with ON RECORD, the best taste e-v-e-r. Her apartment was COMPLETETY decorated by Jonathan Adler whom I also worship in a weird stalker way. LOOK AT HER FOYER…

(pic courtesy of
Doesn’t that make you want to move-in immediately!

Jane is not alone in this world. Not only does she have a lovely husband (funny and easy to be around) and kids…she has a sister. And they are BFFS. JUST SO YOU KNOW, Jane’s sister is the very famous maternity designer Liz Lange. I am not making this up. As you know, Liz was an editor at Vogue, launched a maternity line that EVERYONE wore and is now the premier maternity designer for Target. Good taste clearly runs in this family.
SOOOOOOO, back to what Jane said.
SHE SAID…Janie we have a new project!!!!!!!!!!! It is a web site called Shopafrolic and it handpicks the coolest and the most fashionable (no matter the price high or LOW) things IN THE WORLD. Edits the vast universe of style FOR YOU. These two sisters are in the stores, on-line, at events…they can buy off the rack or design themselves…and BOY do they know how to pick winners.

On their blog you will get the latest in ‘fashion finds’. You will get the best feedback from them (yes, you can write in!) on your fashion conundrums. And my faaaavorite part are their fashion tips! Some of the most notable…

Shopafrolic: treat every color as a neutral and never worry about what goes with what
Janie at Lilly: as the design director at Lilly Pulitzer I want eeeveryone to shout this to themselves when they look at their closet…color rules!
Shopafrolic: wear white all year long
Janie at Lilly: this is almost a duh but needs to be said again and again, forget any old rules that are holding you back!
Shopafrolic: wear open toed strappy shoes all year long
Janie at Lilly: especially if they are completely over the top
Shopafrolic: when in doubt go for the bold and the gold
Janie at Lilly: YES, Jane and Liz. I knew I adored you. EXCESS is awesome. We are kindred spirits.

And the best…
Shopafrolic: never forget that you are beautiful and you are worth it, because you are!
Janie at Lilly: I second that!!!!!

So, please all you Lilly lovers, please meet my friends Jane and Liz and become bff’s with Shopafrolic!

Wendy Bogarde

Posted on November 18th, 2009 at 8:43pm

Omigosh! Does she keep getting better and better? I know one more little thing about Janie! A little “Buzz”!!! LOVE HER!


Janice Gibson

Posted on November 26th, 2009 at 2:16pm

Beautiful! Stopping in to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sally Sarko

Posted on November 28th, 2009 at 3:01pm

So lovely!


jane wagman

Posted on December 1st, 2009 at 2:51pm

thanks for the awesome call out. shopafrolic worships lilly!