A Crowning Glory

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This week we have lots to celebrate but we are especially proud to be celebrating The Princess Project. A non-profit organization dedicated to giving young girls the opportunity to have an amazing prom night and feel like a true princess. We asked them to share some details about their mission so here you go!

Entering its ninth year, The Princess Project is a 100 percent volunteer-run effort that promotes self-confidence and individual beauty by providing free prom dresses and accessories to high school girls who could not otherwise afford them. The Princess Project collects new and “nearly new” formal dresses and accessories from women, girls, and companies, and distributes them free of charge to teens at fun-filled events in the spring in San Francisco, East Bay, Silicon Valley and San Diego.

Since The Princess Project began in 2002, over 9,000 girls have received dresses and accessories through Princess Project giveaway events.
The Princess Project began in February 2002 in a casual conversation between a high school girl from one of Coro Northern California’s youth programs and Coro staff members Kristin Smith Knutson and Laney Whitcanack. Knutson and Whitcanack quickly realized there are many girls unable to attend prom because of the expensive costs of dresses and accessories, while many friends and peers have unused dresses from weddings and parties. So they decided to match this resource with the needs of the girls and The Princess Project was born.

Will you join us in adding to that number and ensuring more girls can an amazing prom?!

Muffy Martini

Posted on November 10th, 2009 at 2:40pm

I am really excited to give away some party dresses I have and I am SO GLAD Lilly is getting involved. What other brand is this socially aware?!