Re-Lilly Video Contest!

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Happy America Recycles Week!! TO celebrate this fabulous week we’ve launched our first ever video contest and we can’t wait to hear all of your stories! I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands on the prizes! Here’s Janie chiming in with some of her Lilly memories and sharing what it is about Lilly that makes us an inherently recycled label.

Have I told this story a million times? I remember being 6 and wearing a Lilly Pulitzer jelly bean print bathing suit (was this some joke of my parents as I semi-resembled a jelly bean? )

I remember wearing my cousin LoLo’s Lilly Pulitzer shift when she out grew it, then it was passed to our youngest cousin Emily.

I remember BEGGING my grandmother for her old Lilly shifts and wrap skirt. I took them straight to the tailor and chopped them off and proudly wore them during my first days at Rollins.

I hold sooooo dearly the first Lilly that I bought when the brand first ‘came back’ in 1995ish. I bought it at Henri Bendels with the money from my first NYC job. 4 years later I was wearing that very same dress and I turned around to find my beau on one knee with a very sparkley engagement ring!!

I remember when I told my best friend I was pregnant and she sent me a box of hand-me-downs from her daughter and it was alllllllll Lilly!

Sometimes it feels like there is so much going on in the world we are not sure how to help. What is a Lilly girl to do! Well, we are going to do SOMETHING. We are going to celebrate the brand we love and do something good for the Earth at the same time. Enough with disposable clothing! No more buying things to wear twice! The new Originals collection very simply put, celebrates everything we love about Lilly…being an Original.

Each hangtag reads…”Buy a Piece of History for your Future.”

These precious garments are meant to be saved and passed to those who will treasure them. A tradition at Lilly Pulitzer that we know you understand.

Reduce. Reuse. Re-lilly.

We know there are about a bazillion stories like mine above. Check out my v-i-d-e-o. You know I love the spotlight!!!!

Now, it’s your turn! And we are ddddddying to hear from you. Click for all the details….HOW WILL YOU RE-LILLY!!!!!xx

Muffy Martini

Posted on November 10th, 2009 at 1:27pm

What a LOVELY video! I really enjoyed this. I noticed the fabric felt different in the Originals collection. I love it! So thick and nice. This is a great contest, I’ll have to enter!!!


Wendy Bogarde

Posted on November 11th, 2009 at 10:13pm

This is so nice! How lucky are you Janie, that your grandmother wore Lilly? I too am saving all of my Lilly! I have probably over 100 pieces that either my daughters or I have worn. It is too fabulous to give away. If I had something more exciting ot report, i would make a video, but alas I am simply re-lillying by handing oown to my future generations. I think it is a perfect memory and future!


Susan Romano Trader

Posted on January 3rd, 2010 at 1:44am

MessagePlease watch my Re-Lilly Video Contest Entry. My Minnie Olivia & I had a ton of fun making it. This is my first video ever! Also my first YouTube upload!

I hope to win a Pulitzer Prize! If I was lucky enough to win the grand prize we would Re-Lilly some of the prizes to the local charity mentioned in my video, Cindarella’s Closet & give some to other Facebook Lilly Lovers who supported our video :)

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a Colorful 2010!
xx Sue & Olivia