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Janie is not alone, we are all WILD over the new Originals Collection. Read on for an inside look into how it all came about…

HAVE TO SHARE, The Pink Palace is L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y vibrating with excitement over ORIGINALS. I can feel it. It is so exciting and we hope you are loving it as much as we are!

SO THIS IS HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN. We knew we wanted to celebrate a entire year of Lilly Loves Green. I mean, we are all about color. Wearing green & being green are both DIVINE.

We also wanted a place where we could put come classically “Lilly” prints that didn’t have anything to do with anything. Does that make sense? They don’t have to match a cocktail ‘collection’ – they just ARE FABULOUS. They just ARE TRULY LILLY.

We wanted to make sure that YOU always had your favorite classic silhouettes. So hmmm, I have said classic twice but that makes me think of boring…but that is SO-O-O-O not the case here people. When Lilly started making shifts and prints 50ish years ago they JOLTED the system. Ladies were used to wearing GLOVES…and here comes Mrs. Hot-to-Trot from Palm Beach with crazy electric colors and short shifts with little slits up the sides. LILLY was at that moment and is still to this day…an ORIGINAL.

So we wanted to pay homage to being ORIGINAL. But there’s more (there always is with me, you know this by now). As I sat at a table in the commons with my dear friend Katie working on a plan for ORIGINALS, I started thinking. LILLY PULITZER is the ultimate RECYCLED BRAND. The first Lilly I wore was a hand-me down. Not a ratty old hand me down, but a wrapped in tissue, this is a prized possession from your cousin hand-me-down. It was my first little Lilly shift. And when I was done my Mom wrapped it in tissue and it went onto my cousin Katie. When I hit 16 or 17 I begged and pleaded my Grandmother to give me some of her vintage Lilly. I wanted the short shifts to wear at Groton – to the boys’ lacrosse games on the weekends. Now that I am older I have my Grandmother’s Lilly long patio dresses that I wear only for the FUNNEST parties. Every bit of Lilly that my girls have worn I have wrapped and saved for my brother (no pressure Ben, but we are ready for you to have some babies, preferably girls).

So…people love their Lilly. They treasure it. They save it.

Did you know that a plastic water bottle could take 1 MILLION years to biodegrade in a landfill? Did you know that the average American THROWS AWAY around 68 pounds of clothes a year?   This is unacceptable.

Everything about ORIGINALS is as green as we can be (I will freely admit we are NOT perfect, but we are really working on it!). The fabric is cotton based. We printed out gorg artwork in mills that have the highest standard for environmental standards you can have (it’s called an OECO standard and there are lots of very, very long words in what this means, but you can trust me that this was the best available for printing and dye). AND BEST OF ALL, you will not throw this away. (You’re not allowed to!) These are meant to be saved. How many other bits of clothing do you know will stand the test of time with you? Heck, we have been around for 50ish years and we have A TON of demand for the old stuff…the new stuff…check out Ebay – people want it all!

BUY A PIECE OF HISTORY FOR YOUR FUTURE. But an ORIGINAL and wear it and love it and SAVE it…or pass it on.

Reduce. Reuse. ReLilly.

Side note. This is the most exciting thing we have done since I landed on the front steps of The Pink Palace. We are so proud of this collection – every singe person in this building and every singe Lilly Lover. WE ARE ALL ORIGINALS and I love you toooooo much!



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It was so interesting!!


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