A Crazed Week!

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Hi there. I have had the most insane two days┬álast week that I just had to share. Stay with me…..I can barely keep up with myself!

Step one: Pack. Going to multiple parties. Needed all my printed Elsa’s, scarves, black and winter white cigarette pants, gold heels and array of “I-can’t-believe-she-is-wearing-those-they-are-so-big” earrings.

Step two: Manicure. I am going through a nailpolish fetish moment. Changing polish every 2 days. This week has been black glitter (very hard to get off), deep cherry red and now…coral! For…

Step three: Party! We kicked off our partnership with Seaweb’s Too Precious Too Wear by having a little soiree in our Mad Ave store. I presented Dawn Martin the President of Seaweb. She is the ultimate combo of smart, kind, funny and stylish. Loved her and her entire team. It seems everyone at the party bought one of these (as they should) and a percentage of the proceeds go to the TPTW campaign. Check it out immediately!!!!

Step three: another party! The Seaweb event ended at 8pm. I dashed to my dear friend Sarah’s (she is the witty beauty director at Vogue who you have heard me mention). Changed for the YSL (yves saint laurent) masquerade ball. Ahhhhh, so chic I could die. Wore the Fall peacock dress with a peacock feather mask. They are launching their new fragrance Parisienne (which smells so yummy! Love the hint of rose. J’adore completment) Ooodles of champagne (french- the only kind). DJ was bananas. Danced and laughed the night away.

Step four – what step am I on again?: sleep. If only for a moment…

Step five: wake up. Threw on my Elsa top with black pants, scarf, too much jewelry and shoes that are so high and ridiculous I see a podatrist in my future. Speak in front of hundreds of people (many of whom are scientists and think I am from another planet!) I have arrived at the Coral Convention. These people are smart and making a difference – I am honored to be included.

Step five: hop a cap to the train. Daaaaaaaashing and winded (seriously regretting shoes now but adore this top and scarf combo!!!).

Step six: Another party! Arrive at the Ardmore store to find Minnie’s running around – general craziness! Love it. The print team painting faces. Color-your-own tattoos. Cupcakes. Apple cider. Candy, candy, candy and more candy. Took loads of snaps…

It is not fair that I get to have so much fun!! Love every second. Hope everyone had a happy trick or treating! And above all I hope you all causeda little mischief for me.

LYTM, janie

Lisa Logue

Posted on November 2nd, 2009 at 12:03pm

Sounds like great fun! I wore my Peacock dress w sparkley fishnets for fun Fri night!