Janie At The Conference On Coral

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Janie talks on a panel at a conference on coral this week in NYC! Read on for more info and find out how to be there!

AS YOU KNOW, I am a jewelry collector, worshiper, knock down your grandmother for vintage hunter…I love jewelry. SO, like I said it is one of my favorite things.

You may also know by now that we have planned to have our Resort 09 collection (eeeeeeee, shipping to stores near you now!!!! It is in the warehouse and it is tdf) inspired by the OCEAN and all things water. ONE thing we are doing in celebrating our Lilly Loves Green year is raising awareness for The Ocean Conservancy. The OTHER cool thing we are doing is raising MONEY for Seaweb and their Too precious Too Wear Campaign…a charity that protects the oceans coral reefs.

I CANNOT tell you how much inspiration my team and I get form the Ocean. It is so vital. We have books and books of pictures WE have taken, and on cold winter days when we are working on summer, we look through our snaps of the beach, the shells we have collected, the trips we have taken to visit different bodies of water. Fish. Whales. Octopus. It goes on and on. It makes me SO SAD to think that we are polluting our oceans. So, we are working to raise YOUR awareness so that we are stronger TOGETHER.

SO. Back to jewelry. Ahhhh, it all comes back to that doesn’t it.
YESTERDAY I had the most delightful conversation with…drumroll please…STEPHEN DWEK. If you don’t know about Stephen’s jewelry line, please rush to Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman Marcus and ogle it IMMEDIATELY. I have been collecting his pieces since…hmmm, birth? Not really. But Stephen takes beautiful stones – BIG ONES, and uses them to create his organic, humongo gorg line.

Why were we chatting on the phone? WELL, Stephen and I, along with an extremely talented fellow named David Wolfe (he is the creative director at Donegar Group which EVERYONE looks to in the “insider fashion world” for trend forecasting). Well, the three of us will be on a panel. On a STAGE (I love a stage and mic, you know this!) discussing…and this is the official working here:

Coral as Motif and Material in Fashion

We were having a pre-chat on the phone so…(well probably so I know what the heck was going down.) This is what I do know. As a designer and creative force in fashion Lilly Pulitzer is unquestionably KNOWN for being beach and ocean-centric. Without it…a big chunk of our inspiration would be missing. We love coral and use it in our print design, our jewelry design…our interior store design. Using the REAL THING may not be the best as if not harvested correctly we can seriously damage this precious natural resource. So we are using it as inspiration…like in the above print for instance.

So Stephn, David and I are working to get the word out from a fashion point of view. Are you in NYC the end of this week?

Please register for CORAL: SYMBOL, SUBSTANCE, and SIGNIFICANCE, taking place Friday, October 30!

WAIT, oh and of course there’s a p-a-r-t-y to kick it all off. At our Mad Ave store Thursday, October 29th from 6-8. That evening we will unveil a very special necklace that we have designed to raise money for Seaweb and the Too Precious Too Wear campaign:

So please, come have some hors d’oeuvres with me, shop the coral collection and HELP US raise awareness and funds to protect our coral reefs. Xx

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