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Hi there. EVER since I started blogging I have been DYING to share my love of silly sayings. We have our fair share at Lilly…like OH SHIFT, or TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH…but there are some sayings there now that LITERALLY make me giggle out loud and almost wet my pants. Depends on the time of day (and if it’s after cocktails).

Last week when I was in Charleston I visited a darling store called…you won’t believe it…LILY. Not Lilly, but Lily. I spoke with the owner Kevin for QUITE some time as I loaded-up on his delightfully funny and pant-wetting gift cards and cocktail napkins. He and his wife CLEARLY have a sense of humor because they have the most well edited selection of goodies. I love them so much that I can’t decide if I can give any away. :) It will ONLY be good, good, good friends who get these as hostess gifts…

These are all from ‘Shannon Martin’ and I got them at Lily on King St. in Charleston…

This one reminded me of a BASH to end all BASHES that our freinds the McGinn’s threw last holiday. We almost allllll ended up behind bars. WOOHOO!

I also got a b-day card from Shannon Martin that read…
“As a graduate of the Zsa Zsa Gabor School of Creative mathematics, I honestly do not know how old I am”
-Emily Bombeck

HA! Too funny. Reminds me of the magnet I have on my computer:

And since I am off on a tangent…these are the other priceless morsels I have at home…

I have this pillow in my living room!

I have this plate in my kitchen!

I mean, am I going overboard? MAYBE but I don’t care.

I have this tray for my keys…

SO, as you can see…too much is never enough. DO YOU have a signature saying? I am dying – send your BEST!. Xx

PS: Of course Charleston was fabulous in case you were wondering. :)

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