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Last week was a BUSY week for Janie, we filmed her and followed her every move one day and the next she was jetting off down south to one of her favorite schools! We’ve all had a packing dilemma at some point but maybe Janie can help with some pointers to prevent another… Hi there. I am living the jet-set life this week. On Tuesday I spent allllll day in front of a camera being filmed so that you’ll now see ME talking to YOU our website and blog. Love that! I was talking into the camera and imagining everyone watching and HOPEFULLY not fixiating on my major break-out. Dave the camerman who was adorable said he could ‘make it go away’ in editing. Ahhhh, Dave just got even cuter!

So straight off filming I was on my way to the airport for a visit to Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. I will blog later on my love for the south (I grew-up in Georgia), but first lets dicuss…the perils of packing. Ahhhhhh. It is enough to make you never go anywhere.

Because I travel a ton I think I have it down to a science. I only bring a carry-on – even when I go to China for the week. The key is never going anyplace cold, which I seem to have avoided by working for the ever-sunny Lilly Pulitzer.

So I check the weather where I am going (love and it is going to be 70′s and (gasp!) Rainy. My shoes! No room for wellies. I have packed our entire fall collection because it is in fall colors…but layerable. The Shere Sweater Coat is god’s gift to the frigid airplane and alllll over-air-conditioned restaurants. Pease people, turn it down – all that cold air is bad for the environment!

I packed 2 stephanie shifts as my day dresses and 2 silk jersey dresses for dinners at night. I have comfortable jeans and a Shere for the flight home. Of course I have Lilly pj’s. What is taking the most space!?! My precious jewelry! I am a collector of vintage baubles and pack 3 zippity-do make-up bags filled with enormous earrings (I mean really gigantic), long, long, long, dangley necklaces and a variety of charm bracelets and bangles. I love the bangle we did this fall sooo much! – mr bo-bangles. It sold out very quickly so you loved it too. (I knew you all had great taste.)

I packed a yellow Columbia rain coat- very preppy. Magazines. A book ( I love to read). A picture of my family. Oh and my make-up in a gastly clear plastic bag. So not chic but the FDA DEMANDS it. (booo…)

These are my essentials. It all boils down to a day dress and a night dress for every day I’m gone, plus airplane clothes…and jewelry. And a raincoat. Oh shift, I may have to check this bag afterall!


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