Picture Day

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It’s picture day in Janie’s house…enjoy!

Hey there-

So this morning (of course the morning I am leaving on a trip) is PICTURE DAY! Sabrina (age 7) and Tiki (age 5) and I have had maaaannnny loooong conversations about picture day. Tiki, although she is my little devil, has a Lilly Pulitzer fashion sense…plus a little Rachel Zoe mixed in. So I know I can “trust” her. I think because I am in fashion and have always been very expressive in the way I dress, I don’t want to MAKE my kids wear anything they hate. Just my philosophy, but I totally respect and “get” that everyone does it differently. Sabrina…she is my free spirit. She mixes her Lilly with Calypso and begs me to design maxi moments for kids. In Spring 2010 we have a long crinkle cotton printed dress in kids and when Sabrina came in to be a fit model…we couldn’t get it off her! She was twirling and floating like Stevie Nicks through the office.


So I am at the airport and am not positive what they are wearing for Picture Day. Of course we had perfect outfits neatly laid-out, but GASP Dad is solo with them right now. I am trying not to obsess! Should I call him? I bet they haven’t left yet!


What are your kids wearing!?! I want pics! xx


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