A Foot Frenzy!

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The Accessories and Footwear designers and merchandisers wanted to share a little insider look into their world. Do you have questions for them? Email …

Hello World! Coming to you live from Lilly Bag and Shoe Heaven we’d love to share what’s going on at our desks.

First off… Our favorite shoe, The Mckim sandal!!! Started back in spring’ 07, really??? Seems like longer…it is such a natural with all our clothes, quintessentially chic! What did we wear before them??? Does anyone know where the name came from?

We love this shoe for all occasions! It’s the perfect travel companion and we have some great colors for Fall & Resort 2009. Also looking forward to Spring 2010, we have some new colors…the perfect seaside blue, pearlized patent, rose gold metallic and lime green ostrich, just to name a few. Can’t wait for the rose gold, we are obsessed!!! Did you know that our gold mckim sells out about once a week?? Good thing we have it on constant reorder! Every Lilly girl needs at least three pair.

We’ve also been fixated on expanding the Mckim family…we’ve added some height and come up with the Mckim wedge (have you tried this on yet?)…such a natural for the girl that wants to add a kick to her step. And for a heel, it couldn’t be more comfortable (we could shop all day or dance all night- padded footbed!) in them. To top that, we’ve begun adding fun sparkly ornaments to embellish these sandals. We are all about glitter and bling, because what girl doesn’t want to feel pretty.

Then there was a call out from you all…stop the presses! If you don’t love a thong sandal, what’s a girl to do…? Well, we have something for you, we are excited to launch the Mckim Slide for spring’10 (yes, can you believe it, 2010). This sandal will have a straw mini wedge (about an inch). It is just perfect with white capris and an Elliot shirt. (You’re really getting the inside scoop here!)

Another little hint for Summer 2010…  We are adding to the Mckim family yet again. Something skinny and chic (just like we all aspire to be)!!!!!!! Stay tuned…

So we definitely have a shoe to fit every Lilly girl. OMG, we can’t forget the minnies…we have the mini mckim sandal, that is just so stinkin’ cute we could die.

Now we’ve got to get back to designing, we’re in the midst many exciting things…

What do you see in your Mckim future????? Share your ideas!


The A&F team, Janie, Ashley L, Ashley B and Colleen

Lisa Guimond

Posted on October 4th, 2009 at 3:24pm

Well, of COURSE we know where the name of the Mckim sandal came from, Ladies!

It was Lilly’s maiden name….

CAN’T WAIT to snap up the ’10 Mckims!!



Posted on October 5th, 2009 at 1:11pm

Oh la la! I absolutely LOVE my McKims. A few years ago I would have laughed at the thought of ever replacing my Jack Rogers with another … but it sure did happen!! My poor Jackies are dusty as I am wearing my McKims well!!! I cannot wait for the wedge. Xoxo-BLC