Powerful Pink

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Janie addresses an important issue for women everywhere, Breast Cancer. This month we focus on bringing awareness to women everywhere and supporting all those affected by this disease.

I am not sure how to start this post today. (AND I AM NEVER AT A LOSS FOR WORDS.) Yesterday my husband and I got into a spat about our daughter Sabrina’s homework. It was more of a discussion, but the bottom line was…I am working…he is working…and we need to carve out time to make sure we sit down with the kids at night to check their homework. Sabrina is in 2nd grade, so it’s not MONSTER homework, but it is important. There is a spelling quiz every Friday! Our first year for that. I just wanted to make sure that we are there for her. What got me was…my sweet husband said “I didn’t have a Mom in second grade, I don’t know how this is supposed to work.” And I had kind-of forgotten that this was all new to him.
My husband’s mom passed away when he was 6. She had breast cancer. Her name was Jane (just like me).

And it just brought it all home to me. I could not imagine NOT being with my children. Or them not having me. Or our family not being just as it is. It just made me so sad to think that he missed out on all the hugs and support and guidance a mom can give. It just…leaves you speechless.
I know that EVERYONE has a story about breast cancer. About battles won and sadly, battles lost. As a woman, working with women, in a company founded by a woman…I know this: WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER. You know I love the imperfections in life but this is one thing I want us to get PERFECTLY RIGHT, we have to keep fighting until we win the battle against breast cancer.
So what can we do? A lot. Lilly Pulitzer has been a big supporter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We also teamed up with Florida’s Natural to support this summer. Please visit these sites for information on how YOU can make a difference.
Every Mother’s Day my family walks the Philadelphia RACE FOR THE CURE. But that’s a long way away. OCTOBER is National Breast Cancer Awareness month…so let’s make that a reason to wear PINK alllllllll month. Lucky for you I just happen to have some pink for you…

You can wake-up in pink:

Cover-up in pink:

Dance in pink:

MAIL in pink:

PS: this week I got an email with a picture of the prettiest three sisters. I think they are around 5? They lost their Mom Katherine to breast cancer this year. The print team is working on a scarf for next years Race for the Cure and we plan on hiding the name of their Mom Katherine in the print. I can’t dedicate this email to just my husband’s Mom Jane or to Katherine…because there are too many Jane’s and Katherine’s that I don’t want to leave out. But I wanted you to know I was thinking of you Elisabeth (from Under the Palm Tree in Overland Park, Kansas ) and am sending you and Katherine family’s so much love.


Posted on October 5th, 2009 at 1:16pm

Very well written! We have the Race for the Cure coming up soon and I am thrilled to pieces to participate. Cheers to fighting for the cure! Xoxo-BLC