P-A-R-T-Y Season!

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It’s that time of year again, social calendars are busting at the seams and Janie has a few tidbits of advice. She is raving about our holiday dresses, as we all are! Check them out, we promise once you feel the Allegra Dress in Silk Jacquard you’ll want to wear this dress all day every day…

The one thing I love more than GOING to a party, is throwing one. LUCKILY my husband is on the same page…we adore having our friends over. Last weekend we had 110 people for cocktails. WHEW, that was a lot. But I know it was a success because the cocktails started at 7:30 and when went to bed at 2 am there were still people in my kitchen! Well, the hostess does have to get some rest J.

Something’s I have found to be indispensable to a good party…

1. Battery operated candles! This comes from the combo of my tendency to love champagne too much and the fact that my husband is a volunteer fireman.

I know what you are thinking. CHEESY. But I promise, I put them in these gorgeous white Moroccan pieced lanterns and you can’t tell. I am so worried I will go to bed without blowing out a votive!

2. BUBBLES make everyone happy. BUCKETS of Veuve Cliquot plus a KEG , plus Shirley Temples (extra cherries of course).

I love a high / low pairing of beverages. I ADORE beer and I ADORE Champagne just as much. Same color…same bubbles…same giggles after a glass. Alcohol is SO NOT REQUIRED. Anything with a cherry makes my day.

I seem to have inherited my party- throwing blood from my Dad, who ALWAYS has the most imaginative soiree’s. When I was growing-up I remember the costume ‘who done-it’ New Year’s Eve parties where each guest would come in character – like my CLUE board game. Every summer we have a champagne soaked croquet party and who ever wins get the trophy…a giant can of baked beans. For Christmas he throws a big boxing day party and everyone , plus family , plus houseguests comes for treats and to share their Christmas loot.

I always talk to my Dad on Sunday mornings and this weekend we planned the boxing day party. I clearly have holiday and party on my mind. I was THRILLED to see our latest delivery in the Ardmore store when I popped in on Sunday afternoon. Normally when we have a party at home I wear an over-the-top caftan and go barefoot, but when I saw this gorgeous rose print I wanted it IN BULK. I will wear the Lulu and got my girls the matching Adelene dresses. The print is called La Vie En Rose and that is the perfect name…life through rose colored glasses or as I have taken the liberty to translate THE PINK LIFE. My French isn’t perfect – boo!

I should probably end here but just one more thought that I am sure is TMI! I get very emotional around the holidays. I love my family so much and (as you know from my blogs) feel like the luckiest person in the world. When I am writing this I am getting teary thinking of it all (both my Lilly family and my family family) and how much I treasure everyone. Sappy, but I don’t care. I cannot wait to wear LA VIE EN ROSE, with the (battery) candles glowing…holding something bubbly to toast my “vie en rose”. J

Love you too much. Janie

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