An Apple A Day

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Who couldn’t LOVE the Apple Dress? Have you tried it on yet? YOU NEED TO! It’s perfect for Fall and you can even layer it over a long sleeve crew neck or turtle. Read what Janie has to say about it below… oh yeah and HAPPY MONDAY

This weekend I bought my first 2009 container of APPLE CIDER. I adore Fall because it is the time that everyone comes back, you nest at home, get ready for school take long walks, and spend time with the fam. Don’t get me wrong, summer is TDF, but I welcome Fall because I get to spend some very relaxing home time with family and friends. Apple cider always kind of signals that time for me. My dear husband likes it warm and he pours it in a mug and spills it all over the GD place so there are sticky marks on the kitchen floor. Don’t love that part but still love YOU honey! Xx

In addition to the cider, I have been on a semi-psycho diet for the past few weeks and I am really watching my calories. Trying to be very healthy. I have been eating a ton of fruit, especially apples. They are so yummy. I am eating one AS I WRITE THIS in my office for my 2pm snack. Crunch.

And this brings me to? Janie what the ____ are you talking about. Get it you like…apples. WELL, have you tried the Apple Dress? I am loving it because it fits me in all the right places. It is loose in all the right places. I feel really CUTE in it. And I love the fall prints…FRENCHIE is my favorite (incase you haven’t already figured that out). Loving it for now with McKims and later with brown boots & tights.

This weekend was my daughter Sabrina’s FIRST EVER soccer game (Go Oreilles!). So it of course was my plan to…drink warm apple cider. Eat apples. Wear the APPLE. SWEET!

Southern Living: Preppy Style

Posted on September 29th, 2009 at 2:37pm

I adore this print! I want the bags, the pants, the dress. Perfect for fall for that extra punch of color. And you’re right, apple cider IS fall for me. I forgot about that, but I love it too!