Janie Loves Rachel Zoe!

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She’s back! Janie weighs in on one of her fav stylists and a guilty pleasure :)

Hi again!

I just cannot tell you how much J’ADORE blogging AND facebook. It is so fun!!!!! LYTM!!!!!! (LOVE YOU TOO MUCH)

OK, I have an obsession I have to share with you. Obsession? Addiction? Fetish? NOT SURE of the right wording but I am completely fascinated by RACHEL ZOE. So, she is a big deal. B-I-G. Let me see…have known for years that she is the chicest stylist (since doing PR at Barneys in the 90’s). She popped back on my radar when HELLO – the greatest TV station ever aired her reality show. OH, and then there’s PIPERLIME. Piperlime is the TOPS

I count on them for shoes…and bags…and now CLOTHES. They are well edited and current and…I could go on. CLEARLY they are genius because they have asked RACHEL ZOE to give her 2 cents on what is HOT. What makes her B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

IF you have been watching her show you will get the BANANAS reference. OK, so let’s get to what I obsess over in relation to MRS ZOE.

1. Her Cartier ring. Will someone that loves me please buy me that TDF ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you watched me on Martha you KNOW I love irrationally huge jewelry. I need this ring.

2. Her hairstylist. I mean, Hair and Make-up = PERFECT 24/7. I want that. Help me. Is there some kind of self-help book for me on this?

3. I HEART Starbucks, it gets me through the day. Does my BFF RZ have a contract with them? Is that Starbucks glued to her hand. I want one Daddy, and I want one NOW (channeling Veruka Salt here a la Willy Wonka).

4. VINTAGE. It is hard to put in writing how I feel about vintage, but if you feel like I do…words will never be enough. Vintage is a passion. It is a pastime. Indescribable and heavenly. RZ must have MORE than her share of vintage and I just want the chance to peek through it, a personal tour from her. I promise not to slip anything in my purse, really, I promise. Wink Wink.

OK, So I love her. Just signed-up to receive THE ZOE REPORT everyday via email. So blah blah, love her. The other night during on the trailer for her upcoming episode she said the funniest thing I giggled all night I couldn’t sleep. YOU SEE, Rachel assistant is named Brad. And he is a cutie-pie. He reminds me of me a because he doesn’t YELL under pressure, he cries. We are soul sisters. So in the trailer for next week, Brad is having a heart-attack over some-kind-of fashion emergency and Rachel says…


I am laughing again. Hysterical. When does she dream these things-up?

AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, the President of LP is named James Bradbeer. But we all call him BRAD. Brad is nice, smart…all the things our President should be. It is my current dream to find some way for me to be able to say BRAD-I-TUDE to our dear prez Brad…without getting fired. I am waiting with baited breath for the right moment. I will keep you posted.

Now one more thing on RZ. I know, I know. I really am abusing this blog thing – but I am into this so please humor me. If Rachel loves vintage…does she collect Lilly Pulitzer?!??!?!? I mean, people kill for our patio dresses from 1960ish. Does she? Are we meant to meet and be inseparable for life? Will RZ, Brad and Taylor come vist our print studio and completely, completely, completely, make my life? A girl’s gotta dream.

So RIGHT NOW program your DVR for The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Check out every one of her PICKS on PIPERLIME and register for her email at

Sending tons of love from the print studio! Xx, Janie


Posted on September 17th, 2009 at 6:46pm

Hey Lilly! I write a blog ( and I just did a post on all the Lilly in the most recent episode of Gossip Girl. There were 3 dresses! On the old site (before the fab site revamp) there used to be a section of Media. Congrats on the featured dresses!!


Beth Dunn

Posted on September 17th, 2009 at 8:51pm

I love that show too! Just go for it and call him Brad-i-tude–I’m sure he would laugh. xoxo