“Aqua Art”

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Janie dives in and shares some childhood memories and her love for the ocean. Stop by to chat with her and meet Chris Leidy tomorrow night at Lilly Pulitzer on Madison Ave!


When I was little I spent holidays at my grandparents house on the island of Montserrat in the West Indies. Unfortunately, it all went to “ ____ in a hand basket” when the volcano blew-up, and we no longer have that family house. (You think I am joking but I’m not) My first trip was when I was 6 months old and from then on we went every Christmas and Spring Break for year and years…I learned to swim in those waters. Because the island was volcanic the beaches were black and we would always burn our feet running to the ocean. The waves were HUGE (or so they seemed to me). It was so exotic. We ate papaya and shopped in the local markets. The dress maker would come to our house and make dresses for my grandmother out of the crazy colored local prints. It was truly amazing…

My fondest memory was the ocean. It was beyond anything I could imagine. We would fly in a teeeeeny tiny plan onto the island and Iremember looking down at all the colors of the sea. The white caps…the different shades of blue and black (scary!).

When I was there my cousins, brother and I would spend all day in the water. LITERALLY ALL DAY. We would go to quiet alcoves and I would float under the water with my mask on, seeing the most incredible sights. Things that I could have never imagined…all in the most peaceful state until…the CRASH of the waves and the scene would change. I learned so much under there. It may sound silly, but to have that perspective is truly a gift.

When I saw the photographs of Chris Leidy it IMMEDIATELY took me to my own undersea adventures. There is a calm to the images and an intimacy that truly leaves you breathless. It’s almost as if for one second you can feel the peacefulness and the quiet of his undersea world. I have so many questions for him! Is it quiet? Do you ever touch those turtles or do the tarpon swish by you and send you reeling. Is it as peaceful as I imagine? HOW do you get those turtles to sit still and smile :)

The Lilly Pulitzer on Madison Avenue is very, very honored to be hosting Chris’ latest show…AQUA ART. Please come visit…or click for a glimpse into his world.

OH, and did I mention. He is Lilly’s grandson. I mean, AMAZING! Talent obviously does run in the family. And he is JUST about the cutest thing I have ever set eyes on ( I’ve only saw a snapshot thus far but I got the ‘picture’ so to speak).

See you tomorrow!

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