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What ever will we wear this weekend? Janie’s been planning her weekend wardrobe all day and comments on her favorite early fall item and other things filling her head this Friday afternoon.

Hi all!  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY YEAR, I swear September 1st hits and there is that glint. A shimmer of fall INSTANTLY descends on my lovely summer world. STOP! Lately I have been wanting to stop time. I don’t mean to brag, but I have the best life. J’adore my job and my family..the whole package. I am extremely lucky. CLEARLY I am the eternal optimist…but time is always flying by and it’s bugging me juuuust a tiny bit. I have told my daughters Sabrina and Tiki that they are not allowed to turn 6 and 8. They believe I have some kind of MOM power to actually not let them have a birthday, so I have kind of given in and told them that they can in-fact…grow up. BOO!

Let’s talk about Labor Day. I am in the best best best mood today because this week my friend Julie Naughton came to visit our offices. WHAT A TREAT. She is a doll and we had lots of laughs. She posted some semi-cute pictures of yours truly and you all made the nicest comment about my dress. I LOVE YOU. I wore a dress just to make Julie jealous. Hee hee. I knew she would love it and it is in our resort 09 line and not out till 10/25. I CRAMMED myself into a sample size. EEK.

OK, so bottom line is…I am working. It is the Friday of Labor Day and I am in the office…working. A little ticked fall has reared its chilly head into my super sunny world. And my kids are growing up. THANK GOODNESS Julie’s friends made nice comments about me on facebook or else I would be hiding in my office eating bon bons to ease the pain.

I promise I am working hard but I am ALSO planning a little cookout tonight poolside for THIS VERY EVENING. Walter my adorable husband is the chef. We are having some other families over – the kids will swim and play while the grown-ups chat, have some cocktails, eat a yummy dinner and catch-up on what everyone has done this summer. We have a great fire pit that we will huddle around as it gets dark. We have about a bazillion boxes of sparklers for the kids.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. This is the kind of weather where we will literally be swimming during cocktails and chilly after dinner. Not easy on the wardrobe. I am planning to have many outfits for the evening…but my favorite part will be my SHERE COAT for the firepit. White jeans, probably the Bidi Tank from summer…and the DEEP CYAN SHERE COAT (which is the perfect hybrid of sweater and coat…tonight it will be playing the part of sweater). Enormous gold earrings. OK, I am blogging and dreaming of 9pm. We will make s’mores too! AHHHHH. FUN.

You have nooo idea how much work I have to do before I get to enjoy the above noted fabulous moment. So I have to go. Love you too much. I will write more Monday to let you know how the party goes…

WAIT I have a PS. Yesterday we met with the smartest, most well-spoken and GORGEOUS ladies from The Ocean Conservancy. You are going to FREAK when you see what we have cooked up with them. More to come…but for now. Please please please clean-up after yourselves when you are on the beach this weekend. Every tid-bit we can do to keep our beaches sparkling is essential. xx

AND PLAY THIS SONG IMMEDIATELY! Labor Day by the Black Eyed Peas. L-O-V-E

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