You Guys Crack Me Up!

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Janie stopped in to give us an insider look on how our print team comes up with this stuff! Here she is weighing in on some of our beautiful new Fall prints hitting the floor right now. Enjoy :)

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Hi guys!

I am soooo incredibly bad with numbers…but one caught my eye today! I got an email today with a very official “report” (here you picture me wearing horn rimmed glasses now, very 80’s chic, reading a ‘report’ from some kind of space age computer)…anyway this report said…you love the peacock dress!  How does a “report” tell me what you love? Well because you almost bought every one we have out there. GEEZ, were you waiting for this or what?!! Did the catalog get you jazzed? And of course I’ve been tuned into our facebook page and saw that many of you loved the dress…some of you were not quite sure if we have lost our minds so, the answer to that is…we have most certainly lost our minds but that is how we ROLL!  And thank goodness, because the PEACOCK is a hit!

So, we did something a bit different this Fall. That gorgeous, sophisticated, slighty humorous and definitely chic peacock is our statement piece. The artist behind that beautiful bird is Rebecca Allred and she has been a Lilly print designer for over 13 years.  So she knows her way around a Lilly print!  Not only did she do the peacock, but she had another print I must tell you a story about.

One day over a year ago I said to Rebecca:  “I have to go out to an appointment you MUST MUST MUST paint me a gorgeous painting today.” So she sat down to the long work table in the print studio and resting there was…a perfect little trinket box.

It was there because we have been talking about techniques and textures and we had the studio filled with everything from peacock feathers, to feather dusters (our ‘frenchie print came from the feather duster!), to books covered in marbled paper. And let’s be honest we just like cool stuff in our print studio, do you ever need an excuse to have a trinket box? Here are some of our beautiful feathers…

As fate would have it, the egg crackle box was the first thing she saw. She grabbed her paints…we use the INCREDIBLE Dr. Martin’s CONCENTRATED watercolor paint…

And she painted this print CRACK ME UP. My absolute favorite part about this is the hidden bird that she put in and among the crackle. It is SO PRETTY and soft for something that seems hard like a cracked egg shell. We all instantly fell in love with this print.

One of our most wonderful designers suggested that the print was so great we could use it in 2 scales…and that our most chic customers would understand to wear them together. (You’ve all seen the catalog right?) We even designed a PERFECT blue sweater (check out the Wright Rib Cardigan) to go over the whole outfit if you want and…ahhhh…that’s design magic!




Posted on September 1st, 2009 at 2:05pm

Love it!!


Lisa Logue

Posted on September 1st, 2009 at 8:22pm

This was so interesting to read! Thank you for sharing it! I just ordered the Lisette skirt and turtleneck in this print…knowing the story behind it will make it even more fun to wear. My sister-in-law and I met Rebecca at the last sale…we never exchanged names–just friendly chit-chat among Lilly lovers…then I recognized Rebecca in one of the pictures somewhere (I think it was a scrap book at the King of Prussia store)…anyway, I just love this Fall line…I have more items from this line than from another other line (I think!) Thank you for great designs!!!



Posted on September 2nd, 2009 at 10:50am

I love the necklace in this photograph but I haven’t been able to find it on the website. Is it a Lilly piece?