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Hello again everyone!! Wanted to catch up and let you know some fun things I’ve been gaga over this week…

A couple nights ago I went to see Julie & Julia with my good friend and neighbor Patrice. HI PATRICE, are you reading? Patrice wears Lilly everyday and is one of the most awesome gals I know, but more on that in another posting….

JULIE & JULIA! I had read the book and liked it, good light summer read. To be honest the blogging girl got on my nerves a tid-bit but I looooved that she worshipped Julia Child because SO DO I (so does Jeremy in our design dept and we just got giggling thinking about what a nut-ball she was). When I was watching the movie there were some things that I knew needed to be said outloud, please repeat after me:

1. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci are GENIUS. Love love love them so much I could barely stop smiling while watching them together.

2. Julia Child was a LILLY GIRL. She was fun-loving, very very funny, extremely down-to-earth and a HOOT to be around.

When I was little, my brother Ben and I would watch reruns of her cooking show and get in hysterics watching her throw things all over her kitchen. (Let us not forget the blowtorch!) It reminded us of the chef from the muppets (Miss Piggy is also a Lilly girl, just a different kind. J’Adore her too!!!! We are MFEO).

Sooooo, I strongly encourage you to see Julie& Julia. If nothing else, movie popcorn is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Get the x-lg, lots of napkins and think of me.

On another note……

I’m sure by now you’ve heard we’ve gone a bit “SCREWY” this Fall in the men’s dept???  Extending Summer….
We are all buzzing about fall and the leaves changing, but I am secretly crying in my office because I am not ready for Summer to be over!! The tag line on our website was ‘extending summer since 1959’ which I ADORE. I have never been good with Fall, I remember packing to go back to Groton when I was away for high school (my parents sent me veeeery far away J) and I DREADED IT. Nothing against school, I just wanted to LIVE on the beach or the lake in the sun…indefinitely. This feeling has not gotten much better, in fact every year my husband and I through a HUGE party the weekend after Labor Day to celebrate our distate for summer have the nerve to leave us!

My longing has been quelled this year however. With a great new print for men.  I had had had to buy all of our uber-cool screw-pull men’s pants! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love them so much I could die. My husband is adorable and sweet and will look SO CUTE in the red ones – or the yellow – can’t decide!




Posted on August 31st, 2009 at 2:07am

I loved the Swedish Chef on the The Muppet Show!!!