Rhianna Hits the Cape

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Rhianna heads north to visit friends and a summertime Lilly land… : )



“I left the Pink Palace for a few days to head to Cape Cod for my roommate Millie’s annual clambake. In truth, I am a Vineyard girl and don’t even eat seafood, but I was told this event was not to be missed!  I arrived at her Cape house around midnight and was pretty exhausted. Still, Millie wanted to show me her dress for the clambake in the family’s big walk-in closet filled with fabulous vintage clothes that have been passed down from generation to generation. To my amazement, they had a ton of vintage Lilly(and in great condition too!)! Pants, tops, jackets and dresses in amazing vintage Lilly prints with remarkable trimmings were first worn by Millie’s mother and her aunts. This should have tipped me off that my weekend would be very full of Lilly……

            It wasn’t just the clothes themselves, but the way that her whole family loved them that really stuck out to me. “Did you see my old Lilly prom dress?” her Aunt Beth asked me with pride. At a cocktail party they held, the vintage Lilly was worn by Millie’s sister and best friend – how cool to be able to wear the same dresses that the women hosting the party once wore?

All of her little cousins ran around the property in their Lilly- what colorful play clothes! Four year old Tom wore Lilly everyday I was there and his nine year old sister, Louise, would come back from sailing her Opti in her Lilly tankinis!

One night when we were all out on the dock, Millie’s cousin Asa accidentally kicked one of my Having a Ball Sandals into the water. “My Lilly sandal!” I gasped. As soon as these fellow Lilly lovers knew the sandal was Lilly, it became a definite mission to retrieve it! The next morning her cousin Eli walked up the dock in his Lilly trunks with a snorkel on his head proudly displaying the lost sandal!

Dancing on the Lilly-filled dance floor to the live band with people of all ages made me realize how incredibly multi-generational Lilly clothes really are. I felt really lucky to be a small part of something so widely shared and loved by so many different people of all ages. After this weekend I have decided to save all of my Lilly so that one day my daughters and nieces can wear “vintage” Lilly too!”


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You didn’t happen to snap a pic of that walk-in filled with vintage Lilly? I’d love to see that!