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What are the interns up to you ask? Check out this week’s question Rhianna asked the girls.

What is one funny or interesting occurrence that has happened as a Lilly intern so far?


Samantha Wolf: While working the register at the warehouse sale I saw a really great looking pregnant woman (I’m talking- looked like she had a beach ball under her dress, no weight any where else) and asked when she was due and she said “Oh they’re inducing me tomorrow!” Nothing like doing anything for Lilly.


Danielle Fichter: One interesting thing that happened to me as a Lilly intern occurred when I got a chance to spend a day with one of the designers.  I was helping her look through old Vogue magazines and we found some vintage Lilly ads from the 1970s!  They’re awesome and I actually have some decorating my desk right now!!!


Hillary Smith: The most interesting thing that has happened during my time at Lilly so far is that Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy came to visit the print studio, where I intern. Our afternoon was filled with chatting, painting, drawing, laughing, and, of course, Lilly loving! Carson is so fun, goofy, and filled with good stories about life, love, and Lilly☺


Rhiana Wells: At the beginning of my internship, I had to take pictures of all the other interns in the office for the first blog post(they ended up turning out blurry so unfortunately we couldn’t use them). I had staged the interns making lemonade and sitting on the big juice stand in the commons. They definitely looked like they were having a blast and I was about to get the first shot when……uh oh……our CEO Scott Beaumont walked in. I quickly realize I should probably speak up “um, intern photo shoot for the blog?” I said nervously, thinking we might be in trouble. He then jokingly asked if I was telling him that because I wanted him to take the picture or didn’t want him to think we were slacking on a Friday afternoon. He was so nice and ended up staying and chatting with us for a little while, which I know we all enjoyed!


Alyssa Palladino: Something fun that I have learned while interning at Lilly is that I learned to make Lilly’s Pink Lemonade! It’s a summer treat that I can now make for my friends and family when I entertain. This secret recipe is fun and puts a smile on everyone’s face ☺


Hadley Garrettson: My favorite interesting occurrence that happened during my Lilly internship was when Lilly hosted an event at Bloomingdale’s with the Countess de Lesseps from Real Housewives of New York.  The Lilly interns from the NYC showroom were all standing together enjoying the 90’s music at the event and Ramona from the show also happened to drop by and at one point she was just staring with the big eyes at all the interns. She wandered over to us and asked us about what we were doing and all our Lilly dresses…it was an interesting conversation… 


Lindsay Mead: My first week as an intern at Lilly I was super nervous and tried very hard to impress everyone with my knowledge of the brand and eagerness to learn more about the company. I wanted to look perfect everyday and dress the part so I would blend in with the other fashionable employees. Wearing Lilly alone here will not get you noticed, wearing vintage Lilly, mixing it with other brands, or adding fun jewelry and accessories is what gets the attention of others and really seems to be the trend here at the Pink Palace. So on my 3rdday as an intern I thought I would wear one of my favorite Lilly dresses from awhile back. I thought it would be perfect to show that I have followed the company for a while and help me fit in with the others. I went to work feeling confident that day but then I went up stairs to see another girl in the EXACT same dress. I was shocked and thought it was such a coincidence. Turns out this happens basically everyday with all the employees. You show up to work and there will be 4 girls wearing the same Sherman Tunic Dress or 10 people wearing the same gold Mckims. It’s funny and makes everyday a challenge trying to put together a unique Lilly outfit to wear to work.

Laura Moseley

Posted on July 15th, 2009 at 2:50pm

I would love to see some photos of staff wearing their new and vintage Lilly as described by Lindsay! It is always fun to get new ideas by seeing how other people mix it up.



Posted on July 16th, 2009 at 2:22am

Cute photo! Alyssa, you must share that Secret Recipe with us before summer’s over! Lindsay, Wow! I never thought dressing for work would be so difwould be such a challenge!


Muffy Martini

Posted on July 16th, 2009 at 11:35am

What cute stories! The interns are all having a blast and it shows! FUN!!!!