Summer Interns at LPHQ!

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Thought we would introduce everyone to our great summer interns!! They will be doing blog posts on Fridays talking about their experiences here at Lilly HQ this summer and their love for the Lilly Life! Here’s a quick bio of some who have already arrived, stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. Read more to get their bios!


Chelsey Breidenbach

My name is Chelsey Breidenbach. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and I am currently a student at Drexel Universtiy. I am a fashion design major and for the past three years, all I’ve wanted to do is work at Lilly Pulitzer. This has proved to be an AWESOME internship, I love it! I work with Sarah Dupre in Fabric and Trim, and I’m having the time of my life!


Hillary Smith

Hi! My name is Hillary Smith and I’m interning in the print design department at Lilly Pulitzer. I’m a senior at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in fashion design and minoring in art history and Spanish. I grew up in Philadelphia, but I’ve lived in both Italy and Spain, and I speak five languages. I decided to intern at Lilly Pulitzer because I just love the colors and patterns! I hope you all love the beautiful artwork from our fabulous print design team as much as I do!


Alyssa Palladino

My name is Alyssa Palladino. I am from West Chester, PA, and currently, I am a student at Bloomsburg University. I have always loved fashion, so when it came time to look for internships, my mom suggested I get in contact with Lilly. I thought that was a great idea. So I did a little research, and here I am today! I am a Sales intern, and I have yet to have a normal day! Every day I’m doing and learning something different. I love Lilly’s clothes and I truly believe that when you dress well, you feel better about yourself, and that’s what Lilly does with all of her clothes. I simply love working here!


Hadley Deming

My name is Hadley Deming, I’m going to be a junior next year at St. Lawrence University.  I am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma!  I was born and raised here, in NYC and have been working at Lilly Pulitzer as an intern for the last 9 days in the New York showroom; I am loving it!  I got my internship through a St. Lawrence Kappa alumnus, my boss! I am a big fan of fashion and New York City, though I spend my weekends in upstate New York. I have chosen to work here at Lilly Pulitzer this summer- and so far, I do not regret a minute of it!


Lindsay Mead

My name is Lindsay Mead. I am from Virginia Beach, VA. I am a rising senior at Radford University and am currently a media studies major. My favorite things to do are shop, travel, and work out. I have worked at a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop since my junior year in high school and that’s what sparked my interest in interning for them. I am interning this summer in the e-commerce department. I hope to learn a lot more about what they do and how they contribute to the company. From chairing Lilly fashion shows, hosting Lilly themed birthday parties, and helping to throw Lilly charity events I can honestly say I know tons about the brand and aspire to live the Lilly lifestyle!


Sarah DelRicci

My name is Sarah DelRicci, and I am the Process Improvements Intern at Lilly Pulitzer. Next year I will be a senior at Penn State, where I am majoring in Supply Chain and Information Systems, and Economics. I knew I wanted to intern at Lilly this summer as soon as I saw their display at the Penn State Career Fair. Their display of bright pinks and greens definitely stood out against the black and grey business suits of the other companies. I knew that I would have a great experience working at a successful company with such a welcoming and fun approach to work. And of course my love of all things Lilly made the decision very easy. I have had a great few days of work here so far, and I can’t wait for the rest of the summer!


Danielle Fichter

My name is Danielle Fichter, and I am currently a marketing major at Penn State University. I will be entering my senior year in the fall.  I love Penn State football, fashion and shopping, the beach, and traveling.  I recently studied abroad in Florence, Italy where I took fashion classes and traveled throughout Europe in my free time. I am a merchandising intern this summer, and I chose Lilly Pulitzer because I would love to have a career as a buyer one day and I knew they would put me right to work, really giving me an idea of what a merchandiser does on a daily basis.  I love it so far and I’m very excited to be learning from the merchandisers here at Lilly! 


Elizabeth Fryer

My name is Elizabeth Fryer and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina.  I go to school at North Carolina State University.  I am in the College of Textiles and my major is Fashion and Textile Management.  I am interning here for the summer and I love it so far.  Everyone is so nice and it is a happy place to be!  My boss is Sarah Dupre, the Sr. Fabric and Trim Development Associate, and I love working with her!


Carter Hartung

My name is Carter Hartung, and I graduated from Denison University – majoring in Communication’s and History! I also played Field Hockey for four years and was a Pi Beta Phi! I chose to work at Lilly because I have been a lifelong Lilly fan and have always wanted to pursue a career in Public Relations. Therefore, the internship on the PR and Promotions team at Lilly is the perfect fit for me! And how can you not enjoy working at a company where you can think, dream, sleep, promote and most importantly wear Lilly P. on a daily basis! I LOVE IT! It’s the perfect fit and I adore working for the very amazingly, creative, and talented Joanna Lee, Marlee Sayen, and Kendall Swenson!


Caroline Moles

My name is Caroline Moles, and I am one of the only high school interns here at Lilly. I go to Conestoga High School, and next year I will be heading off to the University of Richmond.  For the past month I’ve been the marketing intern here at Lilly, and it has been an absolute blast! I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would and had fun while doing it. My decision to intern here was driven by my love for Lilly clothing and my interest in marketing as my major in college. My internship is coming to a close as my high school graduation (June 2nd!) approaches, but I will always love Lilly and never forget all the things I’ve learned here.


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What a great internship!!

Congratulations and Best Wishes to all of you girls.


Janice Gibson

Posted on May 30th, 2009 at 1:50pm

I found it very interesting to read about all y’all. How fun to intern at Lilly! What a golden opportunity for each of you and I wish you the best of luck.


Angela Seipel

Posted on June 1st, 2009 at 5:03am

Sounds like a blast! Can’t wait to read your posts!


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I’m so jealous! Y’all are lucky ducks!

Good luck & have lots of fun!

-College Prepster


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Now THAT’s a dream internship. Best of luck girls and remember, loot, loot, loot!



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my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.


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Cool site, love the info.