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Last night in New York City, Lilly Pulitzer received the “Spirit of a Woman” Award from the American Apparel & Footwear Association. The award was presented by a true Lilly Pulitzer fan, designer, and current Liz Claiborne Creative Director, Isaac Mizrahi. Scott Beaumont, Lilly CEO accepted the award on behalf of the company. The AAFA American Image Awards honor this year’s true icons in the fashion industry. We are so thrilled to be included. I’m putting Isaac’s speech below:

“I have the great honor of presenting the first award tonight, which is to Lilly Pulitzer.   I think that Lilly Pulitzer is the most important american designer… ever.   I mean that.   That work has influenced American designers and international designers.  I mean, if you’re wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, they can tell.  Whether it’s in Palm Beach, or in Milan, in New York or in Russia,  it doesn’t matter where you are wearing that dress.  They know, it’s Lilly Pulitzer.  

I have been so influenced personally by Lilly Pulitzer.  My shoes, I think, speak to this. (crowd laughs, Isaac flashes hot pink belgian loafers!).  These were the one thing, with my busy schedule tonight, that I could get away with. 

How can I stress this more, if anyone deserves this award… it’s her 50th Anniversary.  Unfortunately Madame Pulitzer can not be here with us tonight, though she is here with us in spirit.  She can’t be with us to accept the award, but in her place is the CEO of her company.

I think… before I present this award, I just want to say… listen, I have a job now, recreating Liz Claiborne, but… you know….I could really use another job, and I can really relate to the Lilly product (crowd laughter)… Perhaps (to Scott)….  Just kidding… (crowd claps and laughs!)
Without further adieu, I am going to bring up Scott Beaumont, CEO of Lilly Pulitzer”


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Congratulations- simply thrilled to bits and what an amazing accomplishment and accolades to receive!





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He’s right – that’s real brand name recognition. Once you really ‘know’ and ‘understand’ Lilly – you can spot the brand.

You can even tell when it’s a Lilly wannabe!




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This is so GREAT!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to all at Lilly Pulitzer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder why I like Issac Mizrahi so much—–he loves Lilly as much as I do.

Everything that he said about Lilly Pulitzer clothing is true.
Obviously, he has a real understanding of what the Lilly Pulitzer line is all about.


Miss Janice

Posted on May 14th, 2009 at 8:42pm

Congrats! I must also say that I have love his outfit:)