Polyvore Fun

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Lilly Takes America
Lilly Takes America by J.Mophet on

I love! A great new way to shop and share trendy tips. Try making a collage of your own and share it with others. I always like to type in Lilly and check in on the results. This was a great one! Thanks J.Mophet!!

Lilly Pulitzer At The Carolina Cup!

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Thank goodness the Lilly Pulitzer Crew braved the weather and headed to The Carolina Cup this past Saturday. I have to say without Lilly there it would have been so dreary!! But alas, it was a rainbow of Lilly amongst rain clouds. We sweetened the day with palm tree cookies, chocolate and cupcakes, not to mention give-aways and freebies. The first 100 men who dared enter the tent without any Lilly on were immediately rescued with a complimentary Lilly bow tie.If you weren’t able to make it we’re sad to say you missed a great party! Maybe next year ;)

Chain Mail Fun!

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This is a chain mail I received from a friend a while back and I thought it would be so fun to do it Lilly Style. Give it a try and send it around to some friends!

Lilly Life: The Soundtrack

Opening Credits: “Let’s Get It Started” The Black Eyed Peas

Waking Up: “Jungle Gym” Jack Johnson

Average Day: “Pull Shapes” The Pipettes

First Date: “Dance Me To The End Of Love” Madelein Peyroux

Falling in Love: “L-O-V-E” Nat King Cole

Love Scene: “How Sweet It Is” Michael Buble

Secret Love: “Love Story” Taylor Swift

A Day at the Beach: “Fun,Fun,Fun” The Beach Boys

Driving: “Life Is A Highway” Rascall Flatts

Learning a Lesson: “Let Go” Frou Frou

Deep Thought: “Chasing Pavement” Adele

A Bizarre Occurance: “Day-O” from the Beetlejuice Soundtrack

Flashback: “You Make Me Feel So Young” Frank Sinatra

Cocktails: “Electric Feel” MGMT

Partying: “Just Dance” Lady Gaga

Happy Dance: “Shout” The Isley Brothers

A Night in Alone: “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” Scissor Sisters

Closing Credits: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell


Happy Friday!

Behind The Scenes At the Pink Palace

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Don’t you wish your Lilly closet looked something like this?? (No this is not Heaven, it just happens to be a small section of the sample closet)

Flip Flop Frenzy!

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We just started a new promotion today to give you free printed Lilly flip flops. They are the perfect accessory for swim season. Just make sure to coordinate your pedi color!

Cheers! Happy Hump Day!

Really “Cool” Ice Cubes

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Aside from the above incredibly lame pun, my brief taste of sunshine this weekend has left me daydreaming of palm tree-lined beaches and tropical drinks.  In honor of that, we could not resist sharing these extravagant yet must-have ice cube trays! Even drinks have the right to be stylish these days. These 3 were my favs.  You can find more here. Enjoy!!

A Colorful Cake

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In honor of all the March birthdays aroud here I thought I would post this amazingly colorful cake recipe for everyone! I also just like cake and since it’s monday and I am getting back from a sunny weekend in Palm Beach I needed something to cheer me up! Haha.


Spring Has Sprung….FINALLY!!!

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I woke up at 5:30 this morning to count down the minutes until Spring (can you tell I was a bit anxious?). We are SOOOOOO happy that it’s finally Spring and apparently so are all of you!  It looks like shopping was a favorite Spring Break pastime this year, the LP retail stores have been insanely busy. We’ve seen quite a few mother/daughter shopping sprees the past couple of days. ( Hey mom why don’t you come down and meet me half way at The Madison Ave Store?? )  ;)

Happy Spring Everyone! Go treat yourself to a Lilly Dress!

A Free “Squeeze”

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FYI Lilly Lovers…

We’re proud to announce our Fragrance Collection has been named as a finalist for this years FIFI Awards (think Academy Awards of Fragrance world). We’re up in the category of Women’s Luxe Fragrance of the Year!!! We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Colorful Crayon Stones

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We are just loving these crayon stones. They are so fun, colorful and eco-friendly. We’ll have to pick some up for the print design team!